American Airlines to Hire 800 New Employees in South Florida

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American Airlines has announced that it will hire an additional 700 individuals in South Florida to work in customer service and airline reservations in order to meet the high demand for air travel.

With 13,500 employees, American Airlines is the commercial airline that employs the most people at Miami International Airport. Additionally, it provides a limited amount of service to Palm Beach International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Now, the company is looking to hire 600 workers to assist travellers in the process of setting up their flights while working remotely from their homes. Airport management is aiming to hire an additional one hundred workers to work either full-time or part-time in the customer service department.

Airline Offers Attractive Employment Terms for Home-Based Jobs

According to the terms of the existing employment contract, the airline pays a starting rate of $13.05 per hour for jobs that can be performed from home. This wage is eligible for “annual step raises up to $30.31 per hour,” according to the company’s website. The first year of employment comes with the option of up to two vacations of two weeks each, which can be carried over to the subsequent year.

It didn’t appear as though there were any hourly rates for customer service jobs when I searched for them online. All newly hired employees will be eligible to access travel benefits, health benefits, and other benefits beginning on the first day they work for the company.

American stated that those who work in reservations must live within 125 kilometres (75 miles) of Miami International Airport and must begin their employment no later than March 1 of the following year or they would be required to attend a costly training session. In the event that customer service jobs were available, they would all be located in Miami.

American Airlines Hiring Amidst Pilot and Flight Attendant Dissatisfaction

There was no indication that any positions were open at the other two major airports in South Florida.

According to a statement released by the airline this year, American has hired more than 2,000 staff members in Miami, including 400 in the bookings department.

The airline plans to operate up to 335 flights per day this winter, connecting passengers to more than 140 destinations throughout the globe.

The airline has initiated daily service between Miami and Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as between Miami and five locations in Cuba. It is anticipated that service will be restored “in the coming weeks” in the cities of Managua, Nicaragua and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

There is a widespread feeling of dissatisfaction among pilots and flight attendants.

Pilots at Major US Airlines Reject Contract Extensions, Raise Strike Concerns

Additionally, the airline is having a difficult time negotiating a new labour contract with the union that represents its pilots.

The Allied Pilots Association said in a statement that was posted the previous week that the board of directors of the organisation had rejected a proposal from management that would have increased compensation by 19% over the course of two years.

Contract extensions have been declined by pilots working for United and Alaska Airlines as well. In addition, pilots working for Delta Air Lines have voted to give themselves permission to go on strike if they feel it is necessary. Members of the Air Line Pilots Association come from a variety of airlines, including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.

According to reports, the key issue of the pilots is to achieve a more satisfactory “work-life balance,” which would require greater scheduling freedom on the side of the pilots. According to the cockpit personnel at Delta, pilots and flight attendants put in a record amount of extra hours of work this year, which caused them to stay away from home for an even longer period of time than usual.

Concerns have also been raised regarding the availability of jobs and medical coverage.