Andrew High School’s Joey Burke Thrives in Three Sports

As a senior wide receiver for Andrew, Joey Burke had to be patient to get the passing game chances he wanted. This was because Andrew used a triple-option offense that put most of its focus on running the ball.

But Burke kept his mind on the game and was ready to make a move that would change the course of the game if he had to.

What are Burke’s plans for college?

“There were times when it was difficult to be patient, but when opportunities presented themselves, I made the most of them,” Burke said. This was very exciting because, as the year progressed, it kept getting better and better. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Burke turned in one of his finest performances for the Thunderbolts in the final game of his high school football career. In the second round of the Class 8A playoffs on Saturday night, his team was defeated 41-7, despite the fact that he caught seven passes for 102 yards.

Burke stated that due to the wind and the fact that they had good corners, they were unsure of how much they would throw. Because we were unable to get the run game going as well as we had hoped, we were forced to pass the ball more frequently.

When it came time for the Thunderbolts to take to the air, Andrew coach Adam Lewandowski knew he could count on Burke to be the team’s quarterback and guide them through the process.

According to what Lewandowski had to say about it, “We weren’t surprised by that.” “We were confident that Joey would be able to catch the ball in the event that we were forced to throw it.”

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On our team, he is regarded as a leader by all of us. He has put in a lot of effort to improve his chances of being accepted into this program. He is very intelligent, he comes from a wonderful family, and he is a wonderful person in general who enjoys a wide variety of sporting activities.

There was no question in anyone’s mind that he would come to our aid.

Andrew (7-4) advanced to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2011 thanks to Burke, who was instrumental in the team’s 28-18 victory over Huntley (3-6) in the first round of the playoffs.

The Thunderbolts were able to secure a home playoff game as a direct result of this. That evening, despite the fact that it was very windy and chilly, a large number of people came to cheer on Andrew.

Burke enjoyed every second of the experience, despite the fact that it was challenging for the Thunderbolts to win against a team that was accustomed to being in the spotlight. This is the third time in the last four years that Warren has advanced to the quarterfinals, and they have a record of 10-1 overall.

When Burke was just a freshman, he stated that one of his goals was to participate in a home playoff game. When I saw that the first round would be played away from home and that we were considered to be significant underdogs, I thought it was highly unlikely that it would actually occur.

However, it was very satisfying to win the first two games and then play the third and final game at home. What exactly is it that I could want more of?

The fact that Burke and his younger brother TJ, who was a sophomore at the time, both played linebacker for the Thunderbolts during Burke’s senior season made the season even more memorable for Burke.

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Joey remarked that he had a great time hanging out with TJ and playing games with him. “Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to do that again someday.

TJ concurred with Joey that it had been a lot of fun to play on the same team as him prior to starting college.

TJ remarked that it was a “totally cool” moment. Throughout the course of the year, we developed a very strong bond. I was sick with mono at the beginning of the season, so I had to miss the first few weeks of the competition, but once I got back into it, I had a lot of fun.

We are only here to assist one another. When one of us was working on something, we knew we could always count on the other for assistance.

To phrase it in a different way, “He was always there for me, and because he was friends with a large number of the other seniors, and because I had known the majority of them for a long time, I became closer with a large number of them as a result of his friendships.” That information proved to be of great assistance.

Joey Burke is an Andrew athlete who contributes on both the baseball and basketball teams. He participates in a wide variety of sports.

He stated, “It can be a lot, but I really like it.” I really like it. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t participate in sports. My life has always included all three of these sports, and I have no intention of giving any of them up any time soon.

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Burke was prepared to begin basketball practice on Monday, but he will be required to wait until Andrew is finished with the playoffs before he can get started.

He suggested that we dive right into the game of basketball. There are new people to meet as well as a new season. I really hope that we will have a good time doing this.


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