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Zip is a buy now, pay later app that allows you to split your purchases into four equal payments over six weeks. The app is available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and it can be used at millions of online and in-store retailers.


  • No interest charges
  • No late fees
  • Easy to use
  • Available at millions of retailers
  • Good customer service


  • You must have a credit or debit card to use Zip
  • You may be charged a late fee if you do not make a payment on time

Overall, Zip is a great option for people who want to spread out the cost of a large purchase over time. It is also a good option for people who do not have a credit card or who do not want to use their credit card for a particular purchase.

Here are some reviews of Zip from users:

  • “This app is sooooo great! I’ve used almost every payment app out there except for the few that won’t let me use them because they’re requirements are too strict and I’m paying off a credit card that went to collection so I imagine that’s why they deny me. But this app is the only one I’ve found that let’s you use it to pay ANYWHERE. And they really do build up the amount they’ll let you charge very fast as long as you continue to pay them off on time or early!”
  • “Counts Cash App cards as prepaid cards, which it doesn’t take. Makes using this service extremely inconvenient. Have had the money for my payment the whole time and have been unable to pay it because they won’t take the card I can use at the moment. Other than that it’s a good app though, works perfectly as long as you have a card they take. In my experience they have some pretty good customer service too, when I first tried to resolve this they waived my late fees without me even asking them to”
  • “Very easy to use. New comment: 3-16-2023 I am very impressed and pleased by the service and compassionate understanding that the Zip team put forward with a recent problem I had and the speed in which they did it. They went above and beyond what the majority of companies will do today and without throwing a lot of road locks in the way. I had lost my cell phone and was unable to do things on my desktop than I had been able to do with the app. They were willing to make it possible for me to use the app on my desktop so I could still make my payments on time. I will definitely recommend Zip to others and continue to use it myself.”

If you are looking for a way to spread out the cost of a large purchase over time, Zip is a great option. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up, so that you understand all of the fees and potential risks involved.

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