Apparel company that sold pro-Trump clothing busted by FTC for using ‘Made in USA’ tags on overseas-made items.

An apparel company that sells proTrump clothing has been busted by the Federal Trade Commission for slappingMade in USA tags on items made overseas.

Lions Not Sheep, which has an online storefront and a retail location in Florida, has been ordered to stop using the deceptive tags and pay a fine of $211,000.

In addition, the companys owner, Sean Whalen, has been ordered tocome clean about foreign production on the companys social media.

According to the FTCs order, Whalen claimed that items sold by the company were made in the U.S. when, in fact, they were produced in places like China, India, and Israel.

Whalen told the Associated Press that he wasdisappointed in the decision and would appeal it.