Apple Pacific Centre Grand Opening in Vancouver today!

Today marks the grand opening of the brand new Apple Pacific Centre, which can be found in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada, at the busy junction of West Georgia and Howe streets.

The new and enhanced Apple Pacific Centre is twice as large as its predecessor, has a greater variety of products, and offers services that are both more accessible and more user-friendly.

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Apple Pacific Centre Opens in Vancouver

Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, Deirdre O’Brien, stated that the company was thrilled to open the Apple Pacific Centre in Vancouver because the city is home to a vibrant arts community and a diverse cultural landscape.

“the new Apple Pacific Centre was built to be a hub for the community,” were the words of the center’s architects. “the new Apple Pacific Centre was built to be a place that brings people together with the expert care and support of our wonderful team,” they continued. “the centre faces the Vancouver Art Gallery and its busy public plaza.”

The first customers who enter the store are wowed by the new two-story expansion, which features glass walls that are 32 feet tall.

Apple Pacific Centre: A New Social Hub for Apple Fans

Apple employees, together with some of the store’s very first customers, celebrate the opening of the brand-new Apple Pacific Centre.

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The store’s double-height windows look out over the area of the city that is considered to be the epicentre of artistic expression, which makes the establishment an excellent location for socialising with one’s acquaintances and neighbours.

Glass panels that are 32 feet tall and are positioned on the front of the store generate a sense of discovery and entice customers to come inside to view the most recent iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, AirPods, and other Apple products.

The grand staircase, which is one of the largest in any Apple Store, measures 45 feet in height and features a glass roof that allows natural light to shine down on it.

Apple Offers Free Classes on Coding, Movie Editing, and Accessibility Tools

A discussion board and a video wall may be found on the second level, and anyone is welcome to use them at no cost. You may learn how to code at Apple, how to set up a shot, and how to edit a movie by enrolling in one of their various classes.

People who wish to learn alongside their friends, family members, or coworkers can now take use of Apple’s Group Booking feature. It offers lessons that instruct participants in the fundamentals of using VoiceOver as well as other accessibility tools and features available on iOS devices.

The outside of the shop is adorned with ten magnolia trees native to the Pacific Northwest as well as a living wall that is longer than 40 feet and contains 144 different types of native plants.

Apple Pacific Centre: A Leader in Sustainability and Innovation

The living wall is designed to maintain its green appearance throughout the year, providing bees and other insects with a secure habitat while simultaneously serving as a sound barrier and a temperature regulator in the environment.

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The Apple Pacific Centre, along with the rest of Apple’s campuses, are all fueled by energy derived from renewable and sustainable sources.

Customers who are interested in Apple’s cutting-edge products and services will find that it is simple to make a purchase while they are perusing the Christmas displays. Apple has something for everyone, from gift choices made by staff members who are experts in their professions to generous trade-in values and monthly financing alternatives.

There are 240 well-trained specialists who are able to speak a total of 36 languages at the Apple Pacific Centre. These experts are eager to greet consumers and explain them how to get the most out of their devices over the holidays and beyond.

Customers will have little trouble locating Apple’s latest items and services as they peruse the showcase product tables and avenues during the Christmas shopping season.


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