There are several letters that people write down in business life. One of them is an application letter. It is also known as a cover letter.

The main logic behind writing a cover letter is to point out your key skills or experiences related to the position they offer. So, people write down an application letter to show the employers that their abilities match the job opening.

Here is a formal application letter format

application letter sample

Writing a Good Application Letter


Let’s split the entire cover letter into four main parts and explain the letter by them:

  • Phase 1: In this phase, you should write down your contact details such as your name and surname.Also, your email address. After that, you should write the companies’ or the person’s contact details you are sending that application. By the way, you should add the exact date of the day you write.
  • Phase 2: When you get to this stage, you should make a brief and impressive introduction to impress the people you are sending this letter to. You can start with the crucial talents you have for the requirements of the position offered by the employer.
  • Phase 3: You should explain the things above further with details. You can mention anything related to the new position in the company you are applying for. By the way, this stage should be longer than the stage above. You should give more and more details here.
  • Phase 4: This the end of your cover letter. You can tell your claim again. Also, a summary of yourself would be beneficial. By the way, you should ask the company or people to call you for an interview. Of course, this appeal should be expressed in a professional language.
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Application letter sample

How to Write Strong Application Letter?


Generally, when you apply for a job, the employer wants more papers than just your resume. Because your resume projects your entire career like a projector. Employers need a focus. You can be a versatile person that worked in multiple industries. So, you write an application to describe yourself better.

Today we will be pointing out how to write an application on this page.

Application Letters: Simple Formatting Using a Template

What is an application letter?

Actually, an application letter is a paper that shows your interest in a job. What is your motivation to apply for this position? You answer this question. Because of that purpose, a cover letter is also known as a motivation letter.

Top Notch Format for Your Cover Letter


  • Firstly, it is a letter, so your contact details are a must. Also, the contact details of the interlocutor are needed.
  • Your interest in the position. This section doesn’t have to be full of empirical evidence. Just explain your personal desire if you have for the position. This section is important especially for the NGOs or IGOs that paid poorly and needed special focus.
  • After that, your personal features that are related to the position you are applying for should be taking place. These are your experiences, your abilities, and your certificates for the position.
  • Your personal qualifications for the position would be helpful. Maybe you can add a personal story about it. For example, you are good at taking responsibility in the case of a crisis. Tell them a story about how you saved your study group in the presentation.
  • Your respect towards the interlocutor. Before ending your letter thank the person for their interest. You can add a sentence like “I am looking forward to your response.”
  • End the letter with an expression like “sincerely”.
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