Ashley Gorley Wins Songwriter of the Year for a Ninth Time

ascap country awards honor ashley gorley as songwriter of the

The names of the winners of the ASCAP Country Music Awards were revealed on various social media platforms first thing Monday morning. The event was going to take place in Nashville later that day, and it was going to feature a red carpet. Ashley Gorley was honored with the title of “Songwriter of the Year” for the ninth time.

At this point, Gorley appears to have a strong chance of winning the top award presented by ASCAP. (In the picture located at the top of this page, you can see him being presented with the award in 2018.) Even in 2021 and 2022, people will still recognize Warner Chappell as the most reputable publisher of country music.

What do you think the chances are that Gorley will win the song title award?

When the performing arts group votes on the best country song of the year, for example, there is another opportunity for drama to occur.

The song “Famous Friends,” which was written by Corey Crowder, a member of ASCAP, and performed to great success in 2022 by Chris Young and Kane Brown, is the one that deserves to be called “This Deserves to Be the Title.”

It is abundantly clear that Gorley’s continued recognition is not at all the result of any goodwill that he has built up over the course of time but rather is attributable to the recent contributions that he has made to the music industry.

Gorley is not resting on his laurels despite the fact that he has achieved a great deal of success. He collaborated on the composition of nine of the year’s most successful songs, including “Beers on Me” (which was recorded by Dierks Bentley, Breland, and Hardy), “Country Again” (which was recorded by Thomas Rhett), “Give Heaven Some Hell” (which was recorded by Hardy), and “New Truck” (which was recorded by Dylan) (Chris Stapleton).

ASCAP Honors Warner Chappell Music Publishing at Country Awards

According to ASCAP, Crowder was a strong candidate for the award that ultimately went to Gorley due to the fact that he wrote or co-wrote eight country hits that peaked at No. 1 during this time period.

As a music publisher, Warner Chappell is being recognized for its contributions to the success of songs such as “Cold Beer Calling My Name” by Luke Combs and Jameson Rodgers, “Getting Over Him” by Lauren Alaina, “Lil Bit” by Florida Georgia Line and Nelly, “Never Wanted to Be That Girl” by Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce, and “You Should Probably Leave” by Luke Bryan and Jordan Davis. “Getting Over Him” (Stapleton)

At, you will find a complete list of the songs that were the most popular this past year.

In the same way, people are praising the winners on social media using the hashtag #ASCAPAwards.

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) has now held a ceremony entirely online for the past three years in a row. Nevertheless, tonight at the Soho House in Nashville, there will be a red carpet event for the winners and their guests to attend.