Australian intelligence officials took over encrypted messaging app used by criminals

Australian intelligence officials worked with their American counterparts to take over and run an encrypted messaging app called Anm, used by suspected criminals, a new report claims.

The plan was hatched by the Australian Federal Police and the FBI in 2018, and saw U.S. intelligence take over control of the app, allowing them to read the messages of over 4,000 criminals, according to The Guardian.

The app was originally controlled by an Australian man who is now in jail for child sex crimes.

The AFP told the newspaper that the takeover of the app wasa successful operation in a very complex and challenging environment.

The plan has been criticized by human rights groups, who warn that it couldpose real risks to human rights, according to Amnesty International Australia.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has called it quits over the cascading fallout over Twitter Blue and the sites new management.

The beauty icon took to Instagram Sunday, pointing fingers at the sites new CEO, Elon Musk, for an aggressive restructuring of the social media goliath that included subscriptionbased engagement and mass layoffs of its staff.

I deactivated my Twitter account today, Hadid wrote on her Insta Story.

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