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Focus on Building Your Strength Rather than Your Weakness

Focus on Building Your Strength Rather than Your Weakness

According to bestselling author Robert Greene, you need to dedicate lots of time, focus and practice to become a master in a given field. He also outlined that if your work does not give you joy and you spend time struggling with your weaknesses, you cannot become a master in your field.

We have been taught for long that the only way to achieve success is to work on your areas of weaknesses. The question is: what if this conception and teachings were wrong? Focusing on things you love makes you more productive. This further helps you to become more optimistic and to get more excited about doing the things you do.

When you focus on your strength, you will be able to improve and sharpen your talents and become a master in the field. This will culminate to the enhancement of your self-image. When you feel brilliant and skilled at things you do in each day, you will simply realize that your life will move further in the positive direction. Below are simple ways of focusing on your strength rather than weakness.  (more…)


Chromebooks take the students’ market

Chromebooks have become a source of immense threat to Microsoft. These are laptops based on Google’s Chrome browser and they are powerful enough to snatch the PC market from Microsoft’s grip. Microsoft, of course, recognizes the threat and that is why they have run ads citing Chromebook.

What makes chromebooks attractive for students?

There are basically two features that make chromebooks attractive for students. Firstly, the laptop is cheap; they cost as low as $200 and therefore are excellent for students’ budget. Secondly, chromebooks includes complete office suite without any additional charge.  (more…)

Financial Advisor 014

How to Find an Appropriate Financial Advisor

It is possible to manage your finances when you know how to create a financial plan and are eager to follow the plan. However, in most cases, you may not have the time to do all that or even when you do have the time; the situation may be so complicated that you will need the help of finance professional. You need to know what to look out for and what to avoid in order making sure that you are hiring the right financial professional.

You Need to Understand You’re Needs

It is important to understand what you want from a financial planner before getting out there in search for one. You need to ask yourself a few questions to ascertain what you need. Is it a comprehensive planning advice that you need or is it the review on your retirement portfolio? Do you need to plan your business finances? (more…)

How to Be a Frugal CEO

How to Be a Frugal CEO

Being limited has some benefits in a way we seldom imagine. Organizations tend to become creative and innovative when they start running short of resources. Research also show that companies with thrifty CEOs deal with less fraud and errors.

Owing to my humble beginning, I understood how important and valuable money is before becoming a teenager. During my childhood, I would often spend time recycling cans after school. Even after being a CEO of a fast growing startup, I still exhibit the traits of the frugal kid. I seldom spend more money than I require and this has translated to lots of savings in my organization. Before any purchase is made by my company I would oftentimes evaluate and access the decisions regarding the purchase to ensure that it is well done. I do it as though the money comes directly from my bank account.  (more…)

Excuses You Need to Stop Giving to Get a job

Excuses You Need to Stop Giving to Get a job

Failure in job search can be classified into two categories and these include: mistakes and excuses. In view of this, I have titled my book “Cut the Crap, Get a Job”. Many job seekers give lots of excuses which are actually robbing them the opportunity to get a job. There are lots of excuses given by job seekers but I have listed just a few of them below.

–          “There are no jobs available in my field”

Funnily, before some people even start looking for jobs, they assume that there are no jobs in their fields. Such folks are often taken aback when you point out some places they should go looking for jobs in their fields. You could be making your job search too narrow if you are thinking this way.  (more…)

A Skill Needed by Every Startup CEO

A Skill Needed by Every Startup CEO

Never is it more important to communicate your vision with much effectiveness with people around you than when you are starting a new business. Effective communication will earn you the trust of people around you including your business partners, investors and customers. You need these folks to believe in you and your business for your success to be easily achieved. To achieve this, you need to tell them what you are trying to do not only in a clear way but also in a very precise way. At this point in time, writing skill becomes immensely important.

For effective communication of your message, you need to be passionate and determined to your goal. However, this is not always an easy process as time is usually needed to build these communication skills. If you just ventured into the business world and desired to develop your writing skills, here are some takes on achieving your purposes.  (more…)