“BAT campaign council adjusts dates of campaign programmes in the south east”

According to the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), in the south east, meetings were moved from Mondays to other days of the week because the BAT campaign council avoided campaigning on Mondays in the south east because of the sit-at-home practice.

This caused meetings to be moved from Mondays to other days of the week.

What was the purpose of the Tinubu campaign ad?

The campaign council stated that there was no need to fight with any people or groups whose decisions should be respected, but that it had changed its schedule to take into account the religious and cultural significance of the upcoming holiday season in the south-east of Nigeria. This was done in order to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

It was stated there shouldn’t be blame placed on any one group for the Monday stay-at-home because all of the protesting groups in the south east had distanced themselves from it.

It also stated that the choices made by the people should be respected because the presidential candidate was selling his manifesto, policies, and programs that he would implement for all Nigerians if he were elected president.

Tinubu’s campaign team stated that the group IPOB had brought attention to one of Tinubu’s programs—the rail system—by criticizing the alleged removal of rail tracks in the zone. The campaign team stated that this brought attention to one of Tinubu’s programs.

In addition to this, they claimed that if Tinubu were to win the election, one of his primary goals would be to construct a rail network in Nigeria that would connect the western and eastern parts of the country.

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Asiwaju Spokesman: IPOB Not to Blame for Schedule Change

Dr. Josef Onoh, who acts as a spokesman for the Asiwaju campaign in the south-east, stated that the decision to change the schedule was not made out of fear of IPOB. He stated that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have never opposed Asiwaju’s programs in the region in the past.

According to what he said, the majority of the investments that people in the south-east had made were in the south-west. Because of this, both regions of the world were able to progress together.

He claimed that associating IPOB with the Tinubu campaign council was an act of personal vendetta on his part due to the fact that IPOB has distanced itself from the Monday sit-ins.

According to Onoh, the lack of jobs in the South-East is a major factor contributing to the current unrest among young people in the area, and the South-East therefore requires more infrastructure and industries.

Young people in the South and Southeast are known for their diligence and abundance of creative ideas. When the South and East once again become centers of industrial activity, the number of people who complain will drop by a significant margin.

And if this “youth energy” is channeled in the right direction, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the way people live their lives.

Asiwaju’s Strategy for Southeastern Part of Asia

Asiwaju has proposed a strategy that has the potential to be successful in enhancing the infrastructure and industrial base of the region. My opinion is that attention ought to be directed in this direction.

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His strategy for the southeastern part of the area is straightforward and does not include any kind of political game. In my opinion, it is in South and East Asia’s best interest to play by the rules and force him to sign a document.

In order to increase the overall political efficacy of the region as a whole, the southern and southeastern states ought to collaborate in order to abandon “sentimental, ethnic, and emotional politics” in favor of embracing political diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This would be an improvement. They will become politically active by the year 2023, which will result in favorable changes for society and make our democratic institutions even more robust. As a result, the time is now right to garner support from a diverse group of political figures.

It is not wise for the South Atlantic region to place all of its eggs in one basket.

It is unfortunate that terrorists and criminals operating under aliases are using the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for their own ends by transforming it into a political group and utilizing it to cause trouble in the south and southeast regions of the country.

Asiwaju programs will bring prosperity to the south and east

The campaigns will pick up steam once the winter holidays have passed in the south and east. The schedule had to be adjusted as a result of the fact that people in Nigeria are currently making preparations for the holidays. Onoh asserts that individuals who bring up IPOB’s name are themselves criminals with their own agendas.

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IPOB has not harassed any of the 17 members of our Manifesto Sensitization Team that have been traveling throughout the various local government areas in the states of Abia, Enugu, and Anambra.

He encouraged the people of the south and east to keep their sights set on the prosperous future that would be brought about by the Asiwaju programs.

He spoke about the economic potential of the south east-south west railway initiative and made a promise that Tinubu would build on the progress made by the current administration to construct a rail line connecting the south east and the south west of the country.

Onoh advised residents of the region not to pin all of their economic hopes on a single factor but rather to focus on ways to expand the local economy.


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