Black-Owned Wineries and Distilleries Making Their Mark on the Industry

filling wine glasses on counter

What are some of your favorite wines or spirits and why?

It is time to start stocking up on quality wines and spirits now that the holidays are drawing near and we will be celebrating by throwing parties and getting together with friends and family. What more impressive way is there to make a good impression than by drinking from the most cutting-edge wine and liquor labels that are owned by people of African descent?

A greater need for diversity and inclusion existed in the wine industry a few years ago, when the percentage of black winemakers in the industry was less than one percent of the total. The expansion of the number of black and brown wine and spirit brands has been made possible by the efforts of a number of people, including Tahiirah Habibi, Tiquette Bramlett, and others.

Keep in mind that the owners of these wine and spirit labels are people of color if you are organizing your holiday shopping with that in mind. After they have left, your guests will continue to talk about them for weeks, if not even months.

Champagne made by B. Stuyvesant and Company

A toast with some locally produced B. Stuyvesant Champagne is an excellent way to bring in the new year in Brooklyn, where the champagne is made. Marvina Robinson, the proprietor, was born and raised in Brooklyn, and she received her education at a historically black college or university. She is now teaching people how to appreciate champagne at a tasting room that she recently opened in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Include bottles of the Reserve (at a cost of $58), Demi Sec (at a cost of $61), and Rose Prestige (at a cost of $85) to truly wow your guests. This particular brand creates festive candies like champagne truffles and flavored popcorn to sell during the holiday season.

Bayab Gin: Award-Winning Liqueur from Africa

According to Bayab Gin, it is Africa’s first spirit brand owned by people of African descent. You can get it in dry gin, burnt orange, marula, or African rose water flavor. These are the three options. This liqueur is a multiple-award winner and can be purchased in a variety of locations, including Happy Cork Brooklyn in New York City and online at Reserve Bar and, amongst other places. A price tag of $29 is affixed to each individual bottle.

Whiskey Uncle, You’re My Nearest Neighbor

One of the best-known brands of whiskey produced by a company owned by people of African descent is called Uncle Necessary. It also has a long history that is interesting to learn about, but that history has nothing to do with the product’s quality.

The owner, Fawn Weaver, has put in a lot of time and effort over the years to not only build a very successful brand but also to make sure that the legacy of Uncle Nearest, an African American man who is credited with helping Jack Daniel’s get started, is not lost.

This is because Fawn Weaver does not want the legacy of Uncle Ned, who is credited with helping Jack Daniel’s get started, to be forgotten. You should make an effort to acquire either the 1856 or the limited-edition 2022 Rye Whiskey during the holiday season.

Both of these whiskies were awarded a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Festival. You can stop by the Uncle Neighbor Distillery in the Tennessee city of Shelbyville, which is not far away.

Maison Noir’s vineyards

André Hueston Mack is a well-known sommelier who possesses extensive knowledge of wine. Willamette Valley grapes are used in the production of the $30 bottle of wine known as the 2021 Gamma Ray, which is a blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Gamay.

It is produced under the Maison Noir Wines label, which is owned by the host of Bon Appetit’s “Wine World.” To round out your collection of red wines, we recommend that you give the $30 Free Gamay, the $25 O.P.P. Pinot Noir, and the $45 2020 Oregogne Pinot Noir a try.

All three of these wines are owned by Black. Simply going online is all that is required for customers who want to purchase wines from Maison Noir.

Michael Lavelle’s Vintages

In June of 2020, Aaron “Michael” Coad and Terrence “Lavelle” Low, along with their partners, Sommelier Devin Kennedy and Brandon Crump, will introduce their premium wine label known as Michael Lavelle Wines. They are some of the youngest people who have ever owned a Black Wine label, and they are the ones who started the brand.

They concentrate on producing goods that will appeal to younger generations. Both the 2018 Iris Zinfandel and the 2021 Iris Rosé are available from Michael Lavelle and can be purchased for a price of $23.