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Jane Fonda returns to the public eye!

Jane Fonda was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma this summer. The weekly events were put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic and Fonda’s cancer battle. She’s hoping to defeat “permitting reform” legislation sponsored by Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.VA.). Fonda was also on the hustings in New Mexico and Texas this year. Jane Fonda talks with Jarrett Bellini on the set of her next film, “Book Club 2: The Next Chapter”. An effort to reboot 9 to 5, she says, came to naught; I’ve given up. I just don’t have time.

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Allegheny County Board of Elections heckled during certification process

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a meeting of the Allegheny County Board of Elections. A group of voters petitioned county Common Pleas Court for recounts in those 12 precincts. County lawyers said the petitions are “defective” because they failed to pay a $50 fee. The petitions were filed after GOP losses in gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races this year, fueling election-denial conspiracy theories.

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Kyiv Ukraine Prepares for Fresh Russian Attacks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns of more Russian strikes. The possibility of further evacuations from the capital, Kyiv, has been raised. International help is being stepped up to boost humanitarian aid for Ukraine’s crisis-stricken population. Ukraine’s energy provider says it is still short 27% of output after Russian strikes.

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The End of the Year: A Time for Change

Jason Anavitarte, a senator from Polk County, has been named leader of the majority caucus in the Georgia state legislature. He is one of the individuals who initiated the Georgia Hispanic Caucus, and is seen as a strong leader in the state despite some recent setbacks.

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Nancy Pelosi: A Hard Act to Follow

Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant tactician who gets things done. She managed to keep the factions of her party, especially the farleft “Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in line when it mattered. According to E.J. Dionne in The Washington Post, she didn’t just succeed because she’s a great strategist – she also succeeded because she had a clear purpose and goal.


New £63million deal with French government to tackle Channel migrant crisis.

On Monday, 400 migrants crossed the Channel into England, prompting Home Secretary Suella Braverman to sign a £63 million deal with the French government aimed at stemming the tide of crossings. So far this year, a total of 2225 people have made the journey, with 12000 coming from Albania alone. The National Crime Agency has warned that Albanian organised crime groups are taking advantage of UK modern slavery laws, coaching migrants on how to make false claims of abuse if they are arrested. Police forces have seen template letters making identical claims of modern slavery abuse, indicating that this is a deliberate strategy to exploit the system.