Income Statement

A Synopsis on Income Statement

Income Statement Overview. The income statement presents the financial results of a business for a stated period of time. The income statement is an essential part of the financial statements that an organization releases. The other two are the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. The income statement is divided into two parts: […]

Perfect CV: Construction, Tips and Templates

Perfect CV: Construction, Tips and Templates

For most of the staff, the CV is the most important part of the application documents with which the first selection is already made. At the same time, he is, for many applicants, also the aspect which is the least attention in the daily job search. Once created, the date is adjusted quickly and the […]

Employment formal resignation letter

Download Employment resignation letter – Free Files

Download free resignation letters for employment in PDF files. Resignation decision is one of the hardest decisions that you may take. However, in general, most of the people take this decision with joy despite it is very challenging. Because people usually do things that they always wanted to do after their resignation. In case you […]

Teacher formal resignation letter

Teacher Resignation Letters Download PDF, Word

Formally written resignation letters for teacher are ready for download. If you are a teacher and planning to leave your job soon then you must write a resignation letter to notify the institution or the school you are working in. There are certain periods that you have to notice the school in advance for your […]