Teacher Resignation Letter Sample Download

Download formal, professionally written teacher resignation letter sample. Learn how to write your resignation letter politely with this formal letter of resignation.


3 Resume Formats for Students - PDF Format Download

3 Resume Formats for Students – PDF Format Download

3 quality resume templates for students. There is no much more resume format for student or freshers. You can download and edit these professional resume format pdf examples for free.


Create Perfect Resume Format - How do I write a CV?

Create Perfect Resume Format – How do I write a CV?

Whether it is a change of school, an application for a study or an application for an apprenticeship or a job – as a rule everyone comes to the question “How do I write a CV?”. This article deals mainly with the basic procedure for writing a CV and is intended to answer the following questions:

  • What should I do before I can start writing?
  • What should I think about before writing?
  • How do I write a CV?
  • What should I think about before I submit the CV?


Not to Include on Reference List

Should You Add Reference List on Your Resume?

Does a CV require references and why do they matter

Some people might think that referral controls are a thing of the past, particularly given how easy it is for employers today to research job candidates online and through social media. In fact, about 9 out of 10 (87%) of recruiters said they use online sources like LinkedIn when they examine candidates during the recruitment process, the 2014 recruiting nation report from That may explain why 59% of job seekers use social media to investigate the company’s culture of the organizations they are interested in, the report also found. LinkedIn allows users to post recommendations on their job profiles. Other members.  (more…)

Cv Format : Download Professional CV Template - PDF

Cv Format : Download Professional CV Template – PDF

Quality cv format can be downloaded. We collect professional resume templates for you. Check appropriate resume format PDF for your position and get it.

Did you know that a poorly focused and written CV can make it difficult for you to have a job interview?

Earlier, I’ve written a lot about the difficulties companies have around the world to attract people with the skills they need. Of course, we can not deny that companies are very selective with the candidates they hire, but sometimes the CV does not help or, to be more precise, the way in which it is interpreted may not be the best. Professional CV templates can help you more. (more…)

Download Reference Letter Templates

Download Reference Letter Templates

How to write proper reference letter? Professionally reference letter writing tips with sample files.

Professional Reference Letter Samples