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Writing a job recommendation letter but not sure where to start? Check out our collection of helpful samples to get you started. How can I go about getting good letters of recommendation?

Letter of recommendation is more or less similar to the reference letter in whichanother organization that supports the candidate for whom it’s being written. This letter describes the qualities, characteristics and capabilities of an individual. It may be required by an organization for hiring an employee or a student for getting admitted for a course.  (more…)

Sample Resignation Letter Format Yagsyhena

Resignation Letter Email Writing

You can send an email resignation letter or a paper resignation letter but is better to resign in person than sending over an email. However, if you wish to send an email resignation letter, you need to ensure that it is very professional as much as a paper letter will be. Make sure you do not include any negative thing about the company or how bad you feel about the company.

Sample Resignation Letter Format Yagsyhena
Sample Resignation Letter Format Yagsyhena
  • Your employer will include your resignation letter in your employment file and hence it might be shared with your future employers.
  • You might also need the employer’s help in one way or the other in the future and thus maintaining a positive relationship with the company after you leave is very important.

Formats of a resignation letter

You do not have to spend a lot of time writing a resignation letter but you need to keep it professional. Just like an application letter, you should ensure that the resignation letter is spell-proof. Too often than not, lots of people do not give their resignation letter the proper attention it deserves because they think that they are leaving the job. Always remember that the employer will keep the letter in your employment file and hence it will be important that you give it a careful consideration and attention.

Example Of Immediate Resignation Letter LAyyeha
Example Of Immediate Resignation Letter LAyyeha

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Formal Resignation Letter Templates

Formal Resignation Letter Templates

Quality, easy, short, formal, official resignation letter formats for personal, family, health or other medical reasons. You can use these letter of resignation samples for immediate sitiuations.

  • Thank the employer

Courtesy is important in your resignation letter. Even if you are unhappy with the employer, try to apply some courteous behaviors. Thank the employer for the time you spent in the company and for the training you received while working with them.

If you are a teacher or manager or office staff or production worker or whoever else, you should give important affects on your co-workers. Because of this stop grievance and write a formal & polite quit letter. This is what a professional company employee should do. (more…)

Bonang Matheba's Resignation Letter 2

Bonang Matheba’s Resignation Letter

Bonang Matheba's Resignation Letter 2 Bonang Matheba's Resignation Letter

Other Resignation Letter Templates:

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Write a letter of resignation from scratch or check out our sample resignation letters below. You can also personalize and print your own resignation letter by clicking on the templates.

Professional resignation letter samples are ready for download. Professional resignation letter samples are ready for download If you want to resign from your job you will need a formal resignation letter samples. We list a few of professional resignation letters for download. Resignation letter samples for a variety of reasons for leaving employment. Here’s how to write a resignation letter, and examples, formats and templates. Download Pdf & word resignation letter samples files.

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