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Meaning of Incoterms Incoterms are the International Commercial Terms which is a universal set of trade terms that are made in order to keep a happy medium between both importer and exporter equally. History The set of incoterms which is currently used was published in 2000. Whereas the first publication of incoterms was made in […]

Inventory Management Software

Success in Retail Depends on Inventory Management Systems

If your business is involved in any sort of retail sales, you know how important it is to properly oversee and manage your inventory. Thanks to barcodes and computer technology, there are many inventory management systems that can streamline the process. These systems can help you accomplish in a matter of hours what otherwise would […]


Download Invoice Templates – Company Invoice Examples

Invoice Templates – Download a free Invoice Template for Excel – Professionally designed for your business and easy to use. Select an invoice template from our free invoices templates list, save or send your invoice in minutes. And even get paid online through your own gateway. One of the most important things in a business […]


Business Cards – Reflects Which Business You Are in

Premium Business Cards Business Card Holders. It all begins with a business card. Find yours below and start your success story. Business cards are something that carry the business value of an individual or an organization. One may think of why such a small thing (3 in x 2 in) needs too much attention! No […]

The Essence of Income Statement

The Essence of Income Statement

An income statement, also known as a profit and loss account, revenue statement and so forth, is a periodic financial summary which shows the profit or loss sustained by a company in a particular period. It also includes all the incomes and expenditures involved in the business. It is an important financial tool used to […]