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Women’s Health: A Year of Triumph Despite Turmoil

The author describes a personal highlight from the past year – a girls’ trip to Marbella with her 7-year-old daughter. They enjoyed cocktails and mocktails by the pool and made memories they will cherish. The author also describes her daughter’s new found love of football, inspired by the Lionesses’ success, and how this has led to her joining a local team. Finally, the author looks ahead to the end of the year and encourages readers to focus on all the positive things that are yet to come.

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How to Improve Your Balance and Avoid Falls

At first glance you might not see the point of practicing balance. However, balance is a key element in daily movement and essential for completing many tasks and activities of everyday living. Some of the benefits of practicing balance include reducing stress, improving heart health, and increasing mindfulness.


How to achieve futureproof fitness: The ultimate guide

The Köhler effect is a phenomenon in which people in a team or group perform better when surrounded by more competent people. This was demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, in which participants were asked to perform a series of planks independently and with a partner. The results showed that partner work helped the participants hold their planks for longer than when they were on their own. And participants who exercised with a ‘more capable partner’ increased their plank hold time by 24%.This phenomenon can be used to improve your workout results by buddy-ing up with someone who is more fit than you. This will help to motivate you and also improve your mobility and movement patterns.