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Preparing for the perfect job application

So you know better what you personally expect from your future job, what you have to offer yourself, and above all, how good your chances and what your market value is. It is best to answer all the following questions in writing, so that you can always refer back to them and develop your findings.

Self-analysis – What do you want and what do you offer?

Start with yourself. This is about your future job and you should know what you want and what your expectations are. (more…)

5 tips to take advantage of weekends

5 tips to take advantage of weekends

Take note of these tips and take juice to the moments of rest so that, when you return to work, you are more creative than ever.

Your great professional asset is your creative brain. But here’s the problem: your creative brain overloads, stresses and is less effective when you do not give it the necessary rest. If you want to engage in a creative mental task, you must find moments of strategic and decisive disconnection.  (more…)

Tips for making money through spring cleaning

Tips for making money through spring cleaning

It might interest you to note that we are already in spring season. This season is usually associated with annual cleaning. Of course, you can take the cleaning a notch higher than just clearing out cobwebs. More so, you can reap financial rewards by doing this. You might even find some stuff in your home you can sell or donate to make some cash as you clean up your home. Unloading items you no longer want can easily be done and it will interest you to note that you can even get cash or tax benefits by doing this. Here are some takes on making huge bang for your bucks by selling some of your stuff.  (more…)

Office 2019 will arrive to replace the latest Microsoft update and will feature machine learning

Microsoft announced at the Microsoft Ignite event in Orlando, United States, the arrival of Office 2019 for its users. Although it is not known precisely the exact price that will have, it is known to include applications that everyone knows: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as versions for companies such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Inside the updates that will present the new version is of the PowerPoint with new animations and the Excel that will have new graphics and formulas, according to TechCrunch data, will have machine learning so the system can understand more about their entries and then extract information from the Internet if necessary.

Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s general manager for Office, said in his blog that “Office 2019 will add new user and IT capabilities to customers who are not yet ready for the cloud. As well as new and improved inking features, such as pressure sensitivity, tilt and ink reproduction effects, will allow you to work more naturally. The new formulas and graphs will make data analysis for Excel more powerful. ”

In addition it was added that “visual animation functions – such as Morph and Zoom – will add to PowerPoint presentations. Server enhancements will include upgrades to manageability, usability, voice, and IT security. ”

In the coming months Microsoft will be announcing more details of this new version. Are you ready to use it?

4 reasons why being an "expat" today is much better than 10 years ago

4 reasons why being an “expat” today is much better than 10 years ago

Do you think being an expat is difficult? Imagine it without a smartphone and think better!

Do you remember that feeling of disorientation 10 years ago when you decided to live your first experience abroad? You made your suitcase, wrote the route from the airport to the hostel and from the hostel to the language academy, printed a map and filled your Moleskine with phrases in a strange language that you learned in school but never got to use in a real environment.  (more…)

Grizzlies Chilko Lake, British Columbia

Simple Tips For Impressive Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a classic. Who has not tried once to capture the beauty of a landscape by taking a photo? We love it all. But sometimes this type of photography can resist us a little .. How many pictures of landscapes have finished in the trash of our computer because they were not satisfied to us the least?  (more…)