Celebrate National Pi Day with the Best Pies in Houston

It’s time to celebrate one of the most beloved and versatile foods out there: pie! In honor of National Pi Day, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to get your pie fix in Houston, as well as some fun facts and events to get you in the spirit.

Where to Find Delicious Pie in Houston

For a delicious slice of pie in Houston, 3 Brothers Bakery is a classic institution that has been serving up some of the best pies for decades. From classic sweet pies like apple and pecan, to savory favorites like chicken pot pie and quiche, 3 Brothers has something for everyone. Plus, they’re having a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – so you can indulge for a good cause!

Another great spot for pies is Charlie Papas Pub Fuzzy On. This cozy spot offers both pizza pies and an array of sweet pies – from traditional apple pie to unique flavors such as blackberry cobbler. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, why not try their 2-foot pizza challenge?

Fun Facts About Pie

National Pi Day was first celebrated by nuclear physicist Larry Shaw in the mid-1970s.
The word “pie” comes from Old English “pye,” which referred to any type pastry filled with meat or fruit.
Pizza is actually a type of pie; “pizza” comes from Latin “pinsa,” meaning “pie.”
Pies have been served since ancient Egyptian and Greek times.

Celebrate National Pi Day With an Event in Houston

Hinckley’s Ground Base and Carphone Warehouse are hosting an annual pie eating contest this year – it’s a great way to show off your skills and maybe even win a prize! If you’re looking for something further away, head over to Cafe Du Wheels in Sydney where people line up hours before just for their famous meat pies.

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So whether you’re craving sweet or savory pies this National Pi Day – enjoy every bite!

What is National Pi Day?

National Pi Day is a day celebrated on March 14th (3.14) in honor of the mathematical constant pi. It is not to be confused with the other Pi Day, which is celebrated on July 22nd (22/7) and has to do with eating delicious pies.

Who started National Pi Day?

National Pi Day was started back in the mid 1970s by a nuclear physicist named Larry Shaw.

What are some ways to celebrate National Pi Day?

One way to celebrate National Pi Day is by eating delicious pies, including desserts, meat, and milk pies. Another way is by participating in pie-eating contests or visiting bakeries that are offering special deals or promotions for Pi Day.

Where is a good place to get pies on National Pi Day?

One recommended place to get pies on National Pi Day is 3 Brothers Bakery, which is known for its delicious pies and is currently having a bake sale to raise money for a local charity.

What is the difference between a sweet pie and a pizza pie?

A sweet pie is a type of pastry typically filled with fruit or custard, while a pizza pie is a type of savory pie that is typically filled with cheese, vegetables, and meats.

What is the cultural significance of pies in different countries?

Pies have different cultural significance in different countries. For example, in America, pies are often associated with holidays and special occasions, while in Australia, meat pies are a popular snack, particularly at football games.


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