Comcast Offers Free Video Streaming for Xfinity X1 Flex and Stream Subscribers

People who acquire their television service from a cable provider that has a reputation for routinely hiking costs will, beginning this week, be eligible for a perk that is extremely uncommon: free video.

Comcast will provide subscribers of its Xfinity X1, Flex, and Stream services with free access to “thousands of series and movies” on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, AMC+, and other premium networks for a week beginning on November 22 and ending on November 28.

It is important to keep in mind that the free menu on Xfinity typically only offers a select number of series or seasons; hence, “thousands of” does not equal “all of.”

Comcast’s Prime Video, HBO, and Showtime Offer Different Selections of Shows

The first seasons of “Reacher,” “Terminal List,” Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan,” “The Boys,” “Upload,” “Carnival Row,” and “With Love” are all that are available on Prime Video, however HBO only has the first season of the comedy series “Hacks” available for streaming and does not have the second season.

Debbie Frey, a spokesman for Comcast, sent out an email to clarify that Stars and Epix are selling their whole libraries, but that AMC+ is only offering “chosen seasons” of shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Pantheon.”

Debbie’s email can be seen here. In a similar manner, Showtime is giving away its complete collection to subscribers of its more expensive X1 service, but for the first three days of the offer, customers of Comcast’s cheaper, streaming-only Flex plan will only have access to “chosen movies.”

Over the course of the past four days, it has made its complete library available to Flex customers free of charge. Simply say the word “free” into your voice-enabled remote control if you own an X1 or a Flex and want to find out what’s available for free.

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If you have the Xfinity Stream app installed on your device, the home screen should include a direct connection to the Free TV Week event.

Comcast Loses Over Half a Million Video Subscribers

The large cable operator in Philadelphia revived this campaign only a few short weeks after reporting quarterly profits that demonstrated an increase in the number of video subscribers leaving the company.

The overall number of Comcast subscribers is now little more than $15.97 million, after the company suffered a loss of 540,000 home video customers. This represents a little bit more than half of the total number of residential broadband subscribers, which is 29,840,000.

Comcast has been lauded by Tammy Parker, chief analyst for global telecom services at GlobalData, for expanding the scope of its offering to include streaming services in addition to the content that is carried by its basic multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) package.

She told me in an email that “by showing previews of other streaming services as well as more traditional premium networks, Comcast is meeting its customers where they are and giving them a wide range of content previews to build demand for its viewing platforms.” She was referring to how Comcast is “meeting its customers where they are.”


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