Cover Letter Samples : How To Make It Perfect?

How to write a cover letter 101. This article walks you step-by-step. Includes a cover letter sample, common mistakes, types of cover letters and much more.

Cover letter writing is somewhat a real critical thing to work on. Right words are needed in the right place to best fit in the resume. The objective area can be a good part to express yourself, since it lies at the beginning part of the cover letter samples. So the job seekers will see it first. Again you need to clearly specify your skills and responsibilities. Whatever template you choose, make sure that it looks perfect. You must clearly state all your education, experience and other skills as needed for the relevant job category.

A job letter is a combination of certain things like – cover letter, resume, letter of recommendation, reference letter and some other relevant documents. There are some defined resume formats among them you can choose your own –  Letter of recommendation sample.


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Cover Letter Sample
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Cover Letter Sample
  • Reverse chronological resume –

Reverse chronological resume follows the format of putting the job experiences from most recent to moving backwards. In this format, you need to focus on all the places that you have worked, your designation, company name, number of working areas, working dates etc.

  • Functional resume –

This type of resume can be applicable for those individuals who are migrating their career from one field to another. This form of resume will focus on experience and skills, not on chronological work history.

  • Combination resume –

This is the most commonly used resume template. It is a combination of all the areas. It will display all relevant skills and experiences at prior stage and then chronological work history will be shown.

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Cover Letter Sample Professional
Persuasive cover letter –

This type of cover letter is applicable when you personally want to express your interest regarding the job posting and what you liked most about the company. You can express your outstanding qualities like ‘Active individual with strong background skills’ can be a good example. Just simply express your personality here.


Cover Letter Sample
Cover Letter Sample

Influential Recommendation letter –

This option will not be applicable for all. Only for them who may have the recommendation letter from previous employers (if he has experience) or teachers (if he is only a graduate)!  The process is you need to make a copy of it by your own, then need to get the copy signed by the respected authority. Another way is, you can tell your interest to them, the authority will issue a letter for you.


Cover Letter Samples
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Cover Letter Sample
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Cover Letter Sample
  1. 50 Cover Letter Examples :
  2. Some fine cover letter examples :

One key thing to remember is you must submit resume according to the job responsibilities and the company demand on which you are applying. The job responsibilities will vary from company to company. So you just can’t submit the same resume everywhere and expect good response. You can simply look into their website, their company profile, what they do and then edit your job responsibilities according to their demand.


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Cover Letter Sample
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Cover Letter Sample

The message should be projected that you are really serious for this job and you value the company most. This way they will be interested to call you up on job interviews. Remember, you are not only one candidate of whom resume they are getting, there are hundreds like yours! So add value, be unique! You will be highlighted among all other individuals by the job seekers.

Other Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Examples
Cover Letter Examples
Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Examples

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