Formats For Writing An Excellent Cover Letter

Although resume is the most important thing you need in a job search, cover letter is equally important. As a matter of fact, cover letters are written to complement resumes. They are not written to repeat the contents of the resume but to explain them. Your application letter could make the difference between your application and that of other job seekers. Too often than not, job seekers think that nobody will read their cover letters, however this is not true. You need to give application letter a thorough and proper touch in order to win the position you apply for.

Professional cover letter should includes following:

  • Date
  • Your abilities for subject position
  • Your previous experiences
  • How eager you are to get this job
  • Name Surname
  • Signature

You obviously do not want to sound unprofessional in application, do you? This is why you need to properly format application and ensures that the necessary professional writing formats, tones and methods are leveraged to create an executive cover letter. Before writing a cover letter, there are questions you need to answer. These include the following:

  • The name of the company to which you are applying for.
  • The name, title and address of the person whom you will address the application  letter to
  • The title and reference number (if any) of the job you are applying for.
  • The level or type of the job you are applying for. It could be “entry level”, “management” or “senior level”.
  • Skills you possess that are suitable for the role or which you perhaps are not really utilizing enough in your current job.
  • Your educational status and current job.
  • What are your accomplishments or experiences in the field you are applying for?
  • What can you offer the company if you are employed in the position?
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Simple cover letter format

You are halfway to writing a professional application if you properly answer these questions. This is because the questions outlined above are the important things you have to enlist professionally in your application.

cover letter writing tips
cover letter writing


You could write a paper letter or an email cover letter. These formats of application  letter are basically the same but they have minor differences. Basically, paper cover letters should be written in a letterhead paper and then you should be careful with the way you structure the address and so forth but email application is written and sent through email. You should also be careful with the structure of the cover letter. Generally, the two formats share a lot of common features which you should know before you set out to write a cover letter.

  • Salutation: The salutation is important in a this letter. Every part of the application letter should be kept professional, including the salutation. It also helps if you know the name of the person you are addressing to and his or her title. In case you do not know the name, you can use “Dear Hiring Manager” but if you know the name simply use “Dear [proper title, name]”.
  • The first paragraph: having written your title, the next is your first paragraph. This paragraph is a very important part of the letter where you mention where you found the job listing and the exact position you are applying for. This is the beginning paragraph and it has to be kept professional. Ensure that you avoid beating about the bush and go direct to the point. No hiring manager will want to spend a lot of time on a application letter and that is why how you structure the first paragraph matters.
  • Middle Paragraph: The middle paragraph is as much important, if not more important than, the beginning paragraph. This is the paragraph where you discuss succinctly your qualifications, skills and experiences. Ensure that the qualification, skills and experiences you outline here match with the requirement for the position. You need to have researched about the company before writing this paragraph as it will help you to relate to the employer how you will contribute to the growth of the company. Target your qualifications, skills and experiences in such a way that they will capture the employers’ eyes and thus make your cover letter to stand out of the crowd.
  • Final Paragraph. The last paragraph is very important as well. Make it very positive and conclude by thanking the hiring manager for his time as well as consideration. You need to ensure that your closure is adequate. You can use “Best”, “Regards”, “Sincerely” and so forth. Next, you should append your signature. This may not really be required in an email job application letter but it is important in a paper cover letter.
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Writing Guidelines for Professional Application

The most important thing you should put to mind when writing an application letter is to ensure that it is highly professional and make it concise. Carefully choose your fonts in such a way that they will make your letter neat and professional.

You can check’s samples listed by job title.

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