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This cover letter began well by stating where the job applicant got information about the job and it mentioned specifically that there is a vacancy in the company for which the applicant is applying. The applicant went further to describe his skills and experiences in a seamless approach, connecting every part of the letter in such a way that makes it readable. He was able to not only tell the hiring manager his experiences with respect to the application but also show those experiences and skills.

Classic Cover Letter Example

This is one of the major features every hiring manager looks out in a good cover letter. The cover letter should be straight to the point, comprehensive but buttress on your experiences and skills that distinguish you from other job applicants. The writer used good English in the application and also the application letter is very polite. In addition, the closure of the cover letter is also well written because the writer was able to provide information on how the hiring manger can contact him for interview or any other information. In conclusion, he was able to specify about documents enclosed such as resumes, writing samples and that is another strong point that might probably make the cover letter to score high with any hiring manager.

The cover letter is generally good but is opening is not excellent. The applicant failed to inform the hiring manager where and how he got information about the job. However, he was able to state from his application that there is a current opening for the position he is applying to. In addition, the applicant was able to describe his skills and experiences in such a way that the hiring manager can easily see it in a glance.

However, it is usually better to use bulleted list or catchy highlighting of the words, phrases and so forth so as to catch the attention of the reader. In general, the hiring manager can easily see the experiences and skills the writer described without much stress and therefore this gives the application letter a great edge. Furthermore, the application letter is concise and brief. It is also straight to the point and also written in good grammar. This suggests that proper proofreading must have been done after writing the letter. The closure of the cover letter is also good but the writer failed to indicate at the closure how he would be contacted or intend to contact the hiring manager for interview.

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