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Did you know that a poorly focused and written CV can make it difficult for you to have a job interview?

Earlier, I’ve written a lot about the difficulties companies have around the world to attract people with the skills they need. Of course, we can not deny that companies are very selective with the candidates they hire, but sometimes the CV does not help or, to be more precise, the way in which it is interpreted may not be the best. Professional CV templates can help you more.

Although a CV can tell you a lot about a candidate, it does not tell you the full story. Much information is lost, especially about your interpersonal skills and potential to fit within the company. Having gone to a good university or having an impressive job title does not reveal anything of these aspects. In addition, an excellent candidate may also be found in the pile of “rejected” for the wrong reasons; For example, someone who has changed the sector or posted several times.

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Take my own professional career as an example: I have worked in different industries, from Engineering to Energy and Consulting. On paper, it is not perhaps what a talent-hunter would expect from someone who has become Executive Director of a large multinational Selection of `Personal.

However, I can say with absolute confidence that every position I have held has provided me with invaluable and transferable skills that have been instrumental in achieving success in my next position. The problem is to move this to a CV.

With this in mind, I come up with two tips: one for companies, which should look beyond the CV, and another for the candidates, who should try to explain better why they are well qualified to perform the functions of the post.

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Learning from other sectors is very valuable

One problem faced by any business is how to gain external knowledge that challenges “the way we have always done things around here.” People outside the industry often come with a variety of technical skills that can innovate your own industry. Those things that can be taken for granted somewhere else can be really revolutionary in your business.

The trick for a company is to find people who can bring this knowledge and integrate it. For its part, the trick for an employee will be that he can adapt his experience to the new company.

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I have witnessed numerous times how new employees are rejected because they can not successfully transfer their ideas to the new environment. There is nothing wrong with the ideas themselves, it is the way in which they are communicated what causes failure. However, according to my own experience, if you can get this ideal mix, you will get many benefits for your company. ( TheBalance )

A new direction requires courage and determination

Companies should not automatically rule out candidates who do not have relevant experience in a particular industry. From my point of view, a varied career path is often a sign of a candidate’s motivation, determination, perseverance and ambition to step out of their comfort zone. He’s really brave and admirable! ( WikiHow )

Motivated employees will be much more productive and likely to tend to improve and expand their skills and move them to others more easily. These are the features I’m always looking for in my employees. However, in many cases this type of profile can be confused with that of someone who does not know what he wants and who jumps from one job to another every two by three.

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So if there is a danger, that is how your CV is interpreted. Check it out and make sure the reader sees a motivated person who is building a set of relevant experiences of great value, as opposed to someone moving between random posts. ( Grammar Rules for CVs )

Interpersonal skills are difficult to translate into CV

At the end of the day, people relate to each other and have to work together. That means even the best technical skills are insufficient if an employee can not communicate with their team or other departments. While technical skills are harder to teach, interpersonal skills are more complicated to learn.

Employees who have gone through various positions and industries will have been forced to profile and test their interpersonal skills over and over again, adapting to new partners, environments and sectors unknown so far. This, by itself, is a skill in itself, but hardly given value in a CV. In most cases, the first time a recruiter has a chance to value a candidate’s skills is in the interview. However, unfortunately many great candidates fall by the wayside.

Fit in the company

Evaluating a candidate’s aptitude for a position requires time. Seeking similar experiences tells only a part of your story. After all, people and equipment are complex beings and when things work out well, their power is incredible, but when they do not, problems do not wait.

Getting the right candidates and integrating them into an effective team is the most important and effective way to be competent today, as they are professionals capable of doing things that are unpredictable and have a great impact. That means that it is essential to follow one’s instinct in the selection process and give it the importance it deserves.

So what questions will you ask in your next interview? If you are interviewing potential employees, how will you use the interview to discover the true “I” of the person sitting in front of you?

As I said earlier, a CV does not tell a person’s complete story; rather, it acts as a simple filter that would actually bring better results if it were used to bring out the experience and motivation of the individual. Ignoring candidates simply because they have not followed the expected career path could assume that your business is losing a candidate with a different and fresh perspective, able to solve problems successfully and with great leadership skills. Remember that technical skills can be learned, but interpersonal skills take longer, although they may be much more valuable.

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