Disney Accelerator Program Continues to innovate with New Technologies

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Disney Accelerator Program Launches Web3 Exhibit

On Thursday, an event was held on the historic studio lot owned by The Walt Disney Company in Burbank. The purpose of the event was to showcase the six businesses that will be participating in the Disney Accelerator program in 2022.

During the presentation that was known as Demo Day, more than 15 executives from Disney had discussions with the founders of the growth-stage companies that had been selected about innovation, new technologies, and how they might affect the entire company.

We bring together Disney’s executive and creative leadership teams with cutting-edge startups from all over the world on “Demo Day,” which is part of Disney’s annual business development program. The goal of this event is to assist the startups in accelerating their rate of growth.

“Since our founding nearly 100 years ago, Disney has brought iconic stories and characters to life in new and innovative ways,” said Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “This has allowed Disney to become a part of global culture and to give billions of people memories that will last a lifetime.”

Walt believed that technology was the key to transforming the act of storytelling into an experience for his audience, as well as the key to ensuring that his audience’s connections to the stories they heard were meaningful and enduring.

The Walt Disney Company has used new technology to rethink almost every aspect of entertainment in order to give viewers the impression that they are a part of the action being shown on screen. Because of this, we deliberated over which companies to present to you.

Each of these innovative concepts represents a new kind of cutting-edge technology that has the potential to expand our audience and improve the quality of the stories we tell.

Imagining the Possibilities: Disney Fans and the Media Industry

Since the Disney Accelerator started in 2014, the company has worked closely with many of the other businesses that took part in the program to bring customers brand-new products and technologies.

According to Bonnie Rosen, general manager of the Disney Accelerator program, “Disney has used cutting-edge technology for almost a hundred years to stay on the cutting edge of creative storytelling and to give audiences and guests around the world the most innovative entertainment experiences.”

“This dedication to advancement is also at the core of the Disney Accelerator, which gives us the opportunity to collaborate with fantastic companies in the growth stage, such as those that are a part of the class for this year, that share our goal of bringing about change in the media industry.”

We are thrilled to continue working with these companies after Demo Day, and we are already imagining all of the incredible things that we will be able to create for Disney fans as a direct result of our collaboration.

The Future is Here: AR, NFTs, and AI in Today’s World

The participants in this year’s program are interested in a variety of topics, including augmented reality (AR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and virtual characters that employ artificial intelligence (AI). The following are some of the players:

  • The social app for Web3 Augmented Reality makes it possible for users of Flickplay to locate and share digital collectibles that are associated with physical locations in the real world.

Flickplay is in talks with Disney Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing (CPGP) about making and selling digital collectible activations in US stores.

  • Inworld is a virtual world platform where users can create intelligent avatars capable of playing three-dimensional roles.

During the course of the presentation, Inworld mentioned that the company is in discussions with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB, which is a studio dedicated to the creation of immersive narratives, to create tools that developers can use to create large-scale characters for virtual reality and augmented reality environments. In addition, Inworld is considering creating an artificial intelligence character called DisneyStarverse for the Disney Stars platform.

During the presentation that was given by the company on their Demo Day, a prototype of “Droid Maker,” which was created by Inworld and ILMxLAB, was displayed.

  • Lockerverse is a community platform that gives content producers and brands the ability to share stories that are significant to a culture while also providing their audiences with access to content and experiences that are exclusive to them.

On December 17 in Atlanta, Lockerverse and ESPN will do something that has never been done before: they will give away a free NFT of the Celebration Bowl Trophy.

  • Obsess is an immersive e-commerce platform that provides businesses with assistance in the creation of 3D virtual stores for use on their websites and Web3 applications.

At the beginning of October, Obsess announced the launch of Disney Music Emporium, an online store that is dedicated to the enchantment of Disney music.

At this very moment, Obsess is having discussions about creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with shopDisney and the Disneyland Resort.

  • Polygon is a business layer for blockchain technology that enables businesses and developers to create Web3 experiences. Polygon was created by Polychain Technologies.

Disney and Polygon are working together to make a proof of concept for one-of-a-kind digital collectibles as a way to show how much they appreciate their hard-working employees.

  • Red 6 is an augmented reality company that has developed a headset and interface that are suitable for use in high-performance and dynamic environments.

This technology is patented and can be purchased from the company. Walt Disney Imagineering and Industrial Light & Magic are conducting research to determine how this technology could be implemented into Disney’s story-driven environments in order to create next-generation experiences (ILM).

When you’re just starting out as a company, it can be challenging to get your message across to the appropriate audience. These conversations wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for this application.

This was stated by Neha Singh, the director of Obsess. The fact that it places an emphasis on working together with other Disney teams, in addition to other departments and new businesses, makes it an ideal solution.

In the same vein as Disney, our objective is to enhance the storytelling capabilities of brands. The tools that we have available today make it difficult to do justice to the remarkable histories of companies.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense for us to collaborate with a company that has complete control over the narrative.

Disney Accelerator Holds Historic Demo Day

Following the conclusion of the official presentation, the Disney Accelerator brought Web3 to life on the Walt Disney Studios lot by showcasing exclusive demonstrations from the companies that will be participating in the 2021 and 2022 programs.

There were also life-sized versions of Disney’s most popular NFTs and a special Flickplay scavenger hunt where people could find Disney digital collectibles and play with them. Both of these elements were present at the event.

Demo Day was held for the first time in the history of the Disney Accelerator, and it was attended by companies that had participated in the accelerator the previous year.

These companies brought cutting-edge products that they had developed while participating in the fully online program. The Walt Disney Company has worked with a number of the following companies in the past:

  • Attentive is a full-featured mobile messaging platform that lets online retailers and customers talk to each other one-on-one.

This past summer, Attentive introduced a new opt-in experience on the website www.aladdinthemusical.com.

This new experience makes it simple for visitors to Disney Parks and Resorts to communicate with Disney Theatrical Productions via email and text message.

  • CAMP: CAMP creates interactive shopping experiences and other fun activities for the whole family to enjoy together.
    This year, CAMP and Disney have begun collaborating on two separate projects for the first time.

The event “Disney’s Mickey and Friends x CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure” is currently taking place in Dallas, and the event “Disney Encanto x CAMP” is currently spreading holiday cheer to families in New York City at its flagship store.

These collaborative projects, which are interactive and immersive, are moved to new CAMP locations every few months.

  • Miko’s adorable robots, which are sold in over 140 countries and make education an enjoyable experience for children, can be used by anyone, including parents, teachers, and tech experts.

In January of this year, Disney Publishing and Miko collaborated to bring Disney and Pixar characters to animated storybooks for the Miko 3 robot. These storybooks can be accessed through the Miko app.