DJI’s new Avata FPV drone is the most immersive way to fly

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When it was first released in 2021, DJI’s FPV Combo had a price tag of $1,299. At the time, this particular FPV drone combo was the only one available for purchase. It was capable of flying like a racer, hovering like a regular drone, speeding up like a home-built project, and stopping faster than any of those other options.

This year, DJI introduced a brand new first-person-view (FPV) drone that goes by the name of Avata. Simply said, it is a plane that has been modified to allow passengers to fly inside of it. You may still experience the excitement of completely immersive flight with the first FPV drone that the firm has ever produced, but you won’t have to spend the time or effort to create the system from the ground up.

The DJI FPV Combo: A Seamless and Reliable 4K Video Camera

The DJI FPV Combo is capable of reaching speeds of up to 87 miles per hour (140 kilometres per hour) thanks to the electronic image stabilisation provided by RockSteady. It also boasts an unprecedented level of reliability and transmission range, which enables pilots to record seamless and reliable 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Additionally, there is a motion controller similar to the one that was included with the first generation of the Wii, which enables even a novice to fly an FPV aircraft without the use of sticks. Simply pull the trigger on the controller to increase your speed and point the controller in the direction you want to move in space. The cost of purchasing all of the motion controllers at once is currently $1,098.

DJI to Offer Free ND Filters on Black Friday in 2022

On Black Friday in 2022, DJI will provide a free set of ND filters with the purchase of their FPV drone.

When you purchase this drone from Adorama, you will also be eligible to receive a free PolarPro Shutter Collection Filter, which has a value of $73.60. Every package comes complete with three essential filters: an ND8, an ND16, and an ND32. You may capture pictures of anything from the “golden hour” to planes during the middle of the day in low-lit settings if you have one of these.

If you want to buy additional batteries to increase the amount of time your flight lasts or additional accessories like a microSD card and a bag to carry it in, there are also some amazing bargains and discounts that you can take advantage of.

For instance, Adorama offers the DJI FPV drone Fly More Kit for the price of $1,189.49 in addition to a PGYTECH Professional ND Filter Set and complimentary shipping.