DoorDash’s Success May Be Short-Lived as Pandemic Fuels Hiring Slowdown

DoorDash to Lay Off 6% of Workforce

On November 30, Tony Xu, co-founder and CEO of DoorDash, said that the firm would be laying off 1,250 employees, which is equivalent to 6% of its total workforce.

In 2013, Xu and a few other students attending business school initiated the creation of an online platform for the delivery of meals. The corporation has only recently begun to adopt a more strategic mindset.

He said to the individuals who worked at DoorDash, “Our firm has been more stable than other e-commerce companies, but we are not immune to the outside difficulties, and our growth has slowed down compared to what it used to be.”

DoorDash has been a company that delivers food to customers. Xu, like other CEOs of online companies like Mark Zuckerberg who have spoken out against layoffs, stated that he bears “personal responsibility” for what occurred.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “pandemic-fueled hiring” at DoorDash may be coming to a halt as a result of this. What the success of DoorDash can teach us about the future of apps that bring meals to your door

The use of meal delivery services is quickly gaining in popularity.

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DoorDash was established in the year 2013 by students attending the Graduate School of Sales at Stanford University. They noticed that many eateries in Palo Alto were losing customers because they were unable to transport their food to customers’ homes.

The idea is to create a digital center that connects people who require the services of food businesses with the food businesses themselves.

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DoorDash had a straightforward and easy-to-understand business model: for a fee of $6, clients could have food delivered to their doorstep within an hour from neighboring eateries.

DoorDash saw rapid expansion, much like the majority of other businesses that have been founded in the past 10 years. The company was able to successfully raise $2.4 million and get acceptance into the well-known Y Combinator program for startups in less than a year after it had first begun operations.

Even though Grubhub and Just Eat had been available for some time before DoorDash, the company came at a time when there was a great demand for customers as well as businesses that delivered meals. The company had a value of $4 billion in 2018, and by August of 2021, it had already fulfilled 2 billion orders.

The issues caused by pandemics can be temporarily rectified.
Naturally, the year 2020 was a significant one for a business of that nature.

Many people who stayed at home during the pandemic used delivery services such as DoorDash, GoPuff, and Shipt because they were concerned about their health, safety, and the difficulties involved in getting out of the house. This demand persisted through the early part of 2021.

According to what Xu had to say, there was “sudden and never-before-seen opportunity” to fulfill the “changing needs of businesses, customers, and Dashers.”

We sped up the process of hiring new employees so that we could keep up with our expansion, and we also launched a number of new businesses to cater to the requirements of our customers.

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DoorDash and Other Businesses Place Bets on New Ordering Methods

DoorDash and other internet businesses are placing bets on the new methods that customers are placing orders, such as for rapid grocery delivery, because they believe that these patterns will become permanent habits.

Other businesses flourished under the presumption that we wouldn’t want to venture out as frequently, including the following: In 2018, Marc Lore, an entrepreneur who has been successful in the past, established the Wonder Group.

In December of 2021, they released their first product, which was titled Wonder. Wonder is a mobile prep kitchen that brings celebrity chefs to your doorstep to serve you a dinner. In May 2022, Wonder completed a funding round that brought in 350 million dollars at a valuation of 3.5 billion dollars.

According to what Kristen Hawley of Bon Appetit said, in order for this technique to be successful, “fleets of pricey vehicles” were required, and it took too much time to create. Because of this, it ended up being an unaffordable option.

According to Hawley, one of the most crucial factors contributing to the success of the business is the willingness of many suburban residents to purchase meals from a van on more than one or two occasions.

What does the future hold for services that will bring your food to you?

During an interview in 2018 for the podcast How I Built This, hosted by NPR, the question of where Xu envisaged DoorDash in ten years was posed to him by host Guy Raz.

In spite of the fact that he was involved in the founding of a technology company, he claimed that nothing can compare to the sensation of being with friends at one’s preferred neighborhood eatery.

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DoorDash Helps You Find the Best Local Hangouts for You and Your Friends

He expressed the opinion that, in 10 years’ time, he believed people would still shop at traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. “At our most fundamental level, humans are still social animals.

DoorDash will assist you in determining where you and your friends, coworkers, spouses, and partners can have a good time together.

As a result of the fact that we genuinely socialize with members of the community, we will be the most effective means of developing local companies. According to Xu, who works for DoorDash, the company has “the biggest infrastructure that connects customers and companies in a city.”

Xu and other digital leaders would be wise to look at the human side of food delivery in the future. This is true despite the fact that a global epidemic has shaken up the restaurant business since that interview in 2018.

People will always prioritize their relationships with others over their ability to complete tasks quickly and effectively, regardless of how well these services collaborate. In order for a business to achieve long-term success, it is necessary for them to close this gap.


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