Dorchester School District Two Earns Purple Star Designation

WCSC-TV says that “DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C.” District Two in Dorchester, Massachusetts, is the eleventh school system to be recognized for working hard to give service members’ children an excellent education.

In addition to the Charleston and Berkeley County school systems, the DD2 school district has been recognized as a Purple Star district. This issue has become very important because the new superintendent, Dr. Shane Robbins, who has 35 years of experience in the job, is in charge of it.

What is the significance of honoring students of military families?

At a ceremony held on Wednesday just before noon to mark the change, several people, including Colonel Michael Freeman, who is in charge of Joint Base Charleston, spoke.

More than 1,800 of the district’s students have parents who are currently serving in the armed forces. This places it in a tie for third place among all cities in the state.

The Purple Star Designation is awarded by the South Carolina Department of Education to school districts that are recognized for their outstanding efforts to support active-duty personnel, veterans, and the families of those individuals.

Why is it important for locals to help military families?

Administrators at the schools have set up a student ambassador program, made a special website, and assigned a military liaison to each school so that they can help service members.

They also stated that even though service members are away on deployment, it is still necessary for locals to assist the families of those service members.

According to what Karean Troy, Chief of Military Community Relations, has said, “We are here to assist military families through the transition process, and this assistance does not always involve educational opportunities.”

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Designation Would Help Military Families Moving to New Duty Stations

Sometimes all that is required is to present oneself as a new person and offer assistance in the form of guiding, directing, or providing information to the individual in question when they indicate that they require such assistance.

If the school district gets this designation, they think they will be better able to help military families who are moving because their service member’s duty station is moving.


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