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Download professionaly written application letter samples. Your application letter and resume may be the most important documents you write during your time at university—and being able to write good applications will keep on being important during your working life. Here’s some advice on starting out well.

Cover letters are as important to your job application as your CV and yet they are often rushed out as an afterthought. Downloadable cover letters are ready for download.

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While most of us take writing applications as a normal thing, it sometimes becomes a herculean task especially if the right procedures are not followed. Adhering to certain conditions makes it easier to write a good letter that can serve the purpose for which it is meant to serve. The following are 5 main parts that make good cover letters :

  • Contact address makes an important component of the letter and should not be avoided at all costs. In this part, it is important to write down your address. Start with your name followed by the postal address. The sender’s email address should be included here followed by the telephone number. It is also worthwhile putting in the date when the letter is typed or written so that there is proper record of reference. Another part of this component is the addressee’s contacts that should also be included in the letter. Beginning with the name followed by the company’s title is the right procedure as has been done over the years. This should also be placed together with the telephone number of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
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  • Salutation is an important component of the letter and should be taken into consideration every time an application is made. Failure to do this would result in an official letter that does not meet the least of the basics required. Over the course of the years, this part of an cover letter has not changed much. In most cases, it has retained its originality and is still in use up to today.
  • The body of the application is another vital part. Conveying the message clearly is the ultimate purpose of any cover letter and this should not be taken lightly. It is therefore necessary that one puts all the information needed in this part without omitting any minor detail in the process. The body of an application letter should have short and clearly structured sentences. The purpose for writing the letter should be developed in this part thus giving the receiver the information he or she might be looking for without straining. It becomes quite tedious having to look for minor details in a letter that is not well drafted.
  • The signing off part is crucial. The manner in which the letter is organised towards the end should be such that it retains its original purpose. This is important so that the sender of the applications does not lose the plot towards the end thus achieve the purpose for which it was meant.


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