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Download this quality marketing executive resume format for free. MARKETING EXECUTIVE Product Launches - Overseas Partnerships ~ Presentations Accomplished, multilingual Professional consistently recognized for achievement and performance in the fuel industry Innovative and successful in mining new sales territories and establishing business alliances, including the recent partnership with M./M Oil in Korea. Proven leader with special capabilities in building teams, strategizing. and implementing workable marketing plans employing television, radio. Internet, and print media Fluent in English. Korean. Japanese, and French. BUSINESS SKILLS Marketing ♦ Launch gasoline exports in conjunction with new production plant start-up; target overseas markets. ♦ Initiate sales of ULS, an environmentaliy-fricodly new product launched in the European market. ♦ Establish joint venture partnerships in Europe and Far East; implement marketing for aviation fuel and asphalt as a value-added commodity. Marki Elannim ♦ Analyze regional import >' export economics ami the interregional oil markets. ♦ Participate in contract negotiations for strategic alliances with major European and Asian concerns ♦ Achieved $25 million in revenue by developing offshore storage programs that fulfilled seasonal market trends in the region. Product Planning ♦ Optimize production mode by selecting appropriate refinery; research product specification revisions by countiy. ♦ Propose and participate in the Plant Operation Committee, a team effort between production and sales PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TTR CORPORATION. New York, New York Vice President. Overseas Business Division • Promoted to position in March 1996; selected as one of three employees to attend an MBA course in 2003. . Named Employee of the Year in 1996 based on professional achievements. FUEL INDUSTRY OF AMERICA. New York. New York Manager of Marketing • Provided analysis on fuel industry, drafting report for the White House. • Awarded the Honor Prize in 1992 based on performance evaluations of oil producers. EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. New York. New York Bachelor of Arts in Communications, 1988
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