Effective Guidelines To Follow When Quitting Your Job

Are you consumed by dread in your work place? Have your Sundays become more depressing than it used to be? Do you value lunchtime more than anything else? Then it is high time you quit your job. You do not have to burn any bridge in doing so. Here are the guidelines to follow when quitting your jobs.

  • Create a Journal

Analyze the actual reason for quitting your job and put them in writing. This is to examine how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. It can be very helpful to you in the future. You need to write it down in order to remember. You can start a Google Doc and give it appropriate title for this purpose. 

  • Examine the Opportunities Out There for you

You have to know if there are opportunities awaiting you out there before you step out of your job. You can check your LinkedIn profile and also contact your coworkers for recommendations. Tell your spouse about your plan in order not to cause problem in your home with your decision. You can also send mail to people you trust, notifying them about your plans and needs.

  • Put up a Plan of Action

Having known what is waiting for you out there, you have to setup a plan of action. Even if you do not have a job waiting for you, you need to have a plan. Create a Google Doc and write three different tasks, each stating what to do.

  • Review your Finances

It is important to review your finances before stepping out. You can use Mint.com to track your income and expenses. If you do not have a new job waiting for you, then you must have money to carry you through the period you do not have a job. Adjust the necessary figures and make sure that you have enough money for the period.

  • It is Time to Quit
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Having followed the above outlined processes, it is high time you quit.  However, you do not have to burn your bridges, be respectful and cordial. Do not checkout as it will leave a negative impression on the people you worked with. There is no need of delaying but you can give at least two weeks before actually leaving to make it easy for your employer. Make sure you memorize the previous points and re-read them to yourself before giving a notice and within the two week duration you gave your employer.

With the above outlined method, quitting becomes very easy. However, you have to be very nice about the process to avoid leaving a negative impression.

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