Elon Musk’s lawyer tries to reassure Twitter staff amid FTC probe

TechCrunch has obtained a copy of an email that was sent by Elon Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, to all of the remaining employees at Twitter as a response to the warning that the FTC issued to Twitter yesterday.

Twitter Engineers at Risk of Personal and Professional Liability, Attorney Warns

In the email, he tries to allay the concerns of the staff members by assuring them that they will not be held individually accountable for adhering to the FTC consent decree.

On November 10, at 5:21 p.m., Spiro sent the following email to employees of Twitter; the full text of the email is included below:

In order to follow the terms of a consent decree signed in 2011, Twitter had to set up a way to check if any of its new features put users’ security, privacy, confidentiality, or integrity at risk and report on what it found.

A note posted in the company’s internal slack by an attorney leaving Twitter appears to contradict what Spiro wrote in his email.

According to the note, individual engineers do create “personal, professional, and legal risk,” which was the first thing to be reported about it by The Verge.

On Thursday, several employees at Twitter, including Yoel Roth, who oversaw trust and safety at the company, Lea Kissner, Marianne Fogarty, and Damien Kieran, who oversaw information security, resigned from their positions.

The FTC has stated that because of the consent decree, they are keeping a close eye on what is happening at Twitter with “deep concern.”

In January of this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined Twitter $150 million because it broke the settlement agreement by using user data that was originally given for security purposes to target ads.

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We have inquired with the FTC regarding the consent decree and the liability that each employee is responsible for. When we have further information, we will communicate it to you.


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