Environmental Pollution: A call for help in dying African Countries

Oh God, Allah or what so ever your name! Please forgive us, we are criminal of humanity, we are deaf and blind and could not listen crying  or observe faces of innocent children of the poor African countries especially Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria and likes. They are suffering what we have done with the environment by so called “Industrialization”. There is not only scarcity of water or lack of health facilities; we have also contaminated their valuable water resources, air and atmosphere. 70% of industrial wastes in developing countries are disposed untreated into waters and hence they contaminate existing water supplies.

Apparently these third world countries are suffering with hunger due to bad economical situation. But as a matter of fact, they are drinking poisonous water contaminated with carcinogenic pollutants like Nitrate, Lead, Arsenic and Fluoride.


Children and women in these underdeveloped nations are suffering immensely. Nitrate pollution is one of the main problems in these regions of the world. Nitrate from industries are released into water untreated and most villages in these poor countries drink these waters. In some villages in Nigeria, Ghana and so forth, streams and nitrate polluted waters are the only source of waters for the inhabitants. This is why diseases like kidney problems, methaemoglobinemia (Blue Baby Disease), diarrhea, cancer and so forth are predominant.


Fluoride pollution seems to be a completely tackled issue in developed nations but underdeveloped countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal and likes still suffer these menaces. The problem is that the poor masses in these nations bear the brunt of the storm while the rich seems to care less about it. Developed nations seem also to be untouched by the sufferings of these poor ones even though that the pollutants come from factories mostly owned by developed countries. Many children and women in these countries die every day as a result of fluoride pollution in water. These cause teeth crippling, skeleton fluorosis, still births and a lot of other diseases and complications.


Arsenic is a very dangerous water pollutant that can kill a lot of people. It is becoming a major challenge around the world as a result of its effect on the human health. 70 million people in Bangladesh are exposed to groundwater contaminated with arsenic beyond the WHO recommended limits. Arsenic pollution comes from industrial pollutants released from fumes from industries and factories. Rich countries like Europe, America and so forth have been able to reduce Arsenic concentration drastically. However, poor African countries have not and of course they do not have the resources and technology to do so.

The painful part of it all is that many of these factories producing this dangerous pollutant are owned by rich European and American countries while these pollutants ravage the lives of these poor dear ones. Is it right to extract the resources of the poor ones and leave them to die of the resultant pollution? Obviously, the answer is no. it is improper to extract their natural resources and at the same time refusing to spend some of the money on their well being and cares.

Modern and civilized world extracting and enjoying their natural resources including oil & Gas, minerals and metals without doing proper treatment of waste generated through these processes. Is it justice? No, this is stature of cruelty and death of ethics.


Developed nations earned and earning billions of dollars but spending in “cents” for the welfare of these populace.

Blood is red irrespective of nationality or religion or race, whether you American, European, Asian or African, then why this discrimination? Kids of developed nations drink bottled water and African children have limited supply to even drink poisonous water. Let’s Think?

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