Evan Tex Western from Acme Packing Company answers five questions about the Packers.

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In anticipation of Thursday Night Football, Evan “Tex” Western of Acme Packing Company was gracious enough to answer five questions about his favourite football team, the Green Bay Packers.

First, why is the Green Bay offence struggling so much this season, and what could be causing it?

I am completely unsure of how to get started. The fact that Davante Adams is not a part of the squad is making Aaron Rodgers’ troubles much more difficult to solve.

Due to the fact that the Packers are still developing their playing style, Rodgers is forced to collaborate with a bunch of receivers that have very little game experience.

The Packers’ top five wide receivers, with the exception of one, have all had injuries at some point during this season.

In light of this information, Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb are the only regulars who have played with Aaron Rodgers for an extended period of time.

Both the receiving group and the offensive line have struggled since they haven’t been able to stay cohesive while waiting for David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins to recover from their torn ACLs.

This has caused both groups to experience difficulties. Last Sunday’s game against Dallas was the first time the line appeared to be in decent shape since it had been set for a few weeks.

Aaron Rodgers’ right thumb, which he injured while attempting a Hail Mary pass at the end of a game against the Giants in London, has also been a major influence. Rodgers’ injury occurred in London.

Green Bay’s five-game losing streak began with that game, and it appears that the thumb injury that Aaron Rodgers suffered was a major factor in why the team’s offence was so sluggish during that stretch.

They had a better feeling about things with him at quarterback the week before last, when he had returned to full health, and LaFleur’s play-action offence was utilised quite frequently by the Packers.

Is the defence of the Packers up to the task of stopping Derrick Henry and the Packers?

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. Kenny Clark is the only consistent starter on Green Bay’s defensive line who makes a significant impact when it comes to stopping runs, which is one of the reasons why the Packers’ run defence has been subpar again this season.

Rookie linebacker Quay Walker is large and powerful, but he struggles to read his keys and locate the ball carrier when there are a lot of other players around.

Isaish McDuffie, who weighs 230 pounds, will play next to Walker until De’Vondre Campbell returns from his injury for Green Bay. Henry should be able to run for at least 150 yards this week, in my opinion.

On Tuesday, Amari Rodgers was released from his contract just three days into the second year of the deal he had signed. What exactly was the matter with him? Could you perhaps explain the other methods by which the Packers can catch the ball?

Seven times, including five occasions already this year, Rodgers was careless with the ball and lost possession of it. A combination of receptions, kickoff returns, and fair catches contributed to his total of 89 touches with the ball.

He didn’t get much playing time on offence, but for the past year and a half, he’s been the primary punt returner for the team. And because he was unable to come up with a way to assist the offence even though a large number of the receivers were out with injuries, it was obvious that retaining him on the team was the best course of action to take.

The Packers Rushing Game is on Fire

Allen Lazard, a veteran who is big and strong in the rushing game as well as a dependable and good receiver, is in command of the rest of the receiving group.

He is big and strong in the running game. Christian Watson had a breakout game the week before with three touchdowns and more than 100 yards. He brought something to the attack that they hadn’t had for years, specifically size, physicality, and raw pace.

It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t keep himself healthy until the game on Sunday because he was supposed to play. After spending a week on injured reserve, Randall Cobb is expected to return to action this week. Even after moving to the slot, he will continue to be a useful option, especially on third downs.

Sammy Watkins, the only veteran player on Green Bay’s roster, was acquired throughout the offseason but hasn’t contributed much to the offence thus far.

There is also Samori Toure, who was selected in the seventh round and has been playing more recently, as well as Romeo Doubs, who was selected in the fourth round and was superior to Watson during training camp and the first few games of the season until he injured his ankle two weeks ago.

If Watson can maintain his health, this assault will take on a more intriguing quality. In the match against Dallas, he demonstrated how nimble he could be. In due time, he will prove to be the most valuable offensive player.

During the process of determining who should be the Titans’ head coach, the team had discussions with both Mike Vrabel and Matt LaFleur.

In the end, the Titans decided to go with LaFleur as their new offensive coordinator. Determine LaFleur’s level of effectiveness as a head coach.

The Packers decided to employ LaFleur as their next head coach because the offence stalled out toward the end of Mike McCarthy’s tenure as head coach.

The Packers hoped that LaFleur would be able to turn things around and get Aaron Rodgers’ career back on track. In spite of the fact that the team has struggled in the postseason for the past few years in a row, he was in a favourable position heading into 2022.

The most valuable player title had been his the previous two years in a row, and he had guided the squad to 13 victories in each of the three seasons prior to that.

Given that this is the first time in the history of the Packers that they have had to deal with constant challenges, it will be interesting to see how head coach Matt LaFleur and the club manage the remaining seven games.

People have the most issue with LaFleur because they believe that when they try, the team will run away rather than fight back.

This is the source of the majority of people’s problems. Even though the Packers had to deal with a number of issues that were comparable to those they had dealt with in recent losses, the fact that their squad was able to pull out a victory on Sunday was excellent news for fans of the team.

Even when LaFleur was playing at the top of his game, it looked impossible for his team to make up a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

The Packers are currently a 3.5-point favourite over the Lions. In this game, are you going to wager on the team that is considered to be the underdog or the favourite? Share with us your predictions regarding the outcome of the game.

Even though Henry is going to have a great day, I believe that the outcome of the game will be determined by how well the Titans’ defence controls the line of scrimmage when it comes to the run game.

Packers’ chances of defeating a Titans defence that ranks 32nd in DVOA in terms of effectiveness against long throws improve significantly if Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon get going for the team.

The Packers’ offence will probably slow down, and Rodgers and LaFleur will continue to be irritated if the Titans choose to shut down the run while playing with a lot of 2-high safeties.

My prediction is that the Packers, who have the advantage of playing at home and have a shorter week ahead of them, will produce enough game-changing plays to pull out a victory by a single field goal.