“False Alarm: Passenger’s Camera Mistaken for Bomb”

An emergency response to a passenger allegedly tampering with their camera at La Guardia Airport was a waste of resources, according to a new report.

Authorities now say a woman thought another passenger was priming an explosive device.

The Associated Press reports that the Port Authority conducted a review of the incident, which took place on Aug. 20.

“A review of video footage and interviews with the flight crew and law enforcement officers who responded to the incident have determined that there was no credible threat,” the agency said in a statement.

The Port Authority also commended the “quick action” of law enforcement agencies, despite the event being “deemed to be a false alarm.”

A passenger on a Delta flight from Boston to La Guardia on Aug. 20 claimed that another flyer was “tinkering” with a vintage camera and may be trying to plant an explosive.

Multiple agencies, including the Port Authority, the NYPD, and the FBI, responded to the incident, which was ultimately deemed a false alarm.

The Associated Press reports that the incident is expected to be included in an upcoming report from the Government Accountability Office, which examined flight safety at airports.