Family gunned down in their own home

family gunned down in their own home

What were the deaths of two siblings in Stone Mountain Georgia on November 18, 2007?

Georgia: Stone Mountain A large number of bullets were fired into a home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which resulted in the deaths of two siblings who were inside the home watching television at the time.

Tom Regan, a reporter for Channel 2, was standing outside the home on Olde Street in Stone Mountain when the shooting began. Valerie Jones, the mother of one of the victims, was also present at the time.

She is curious about the motive as well as the perpetrator.

Local mother speaks out after her children are killed in a drive-by shooting

Jones is quoted as saying, “Bullets have shattered my house into a million pieces.” There is absolutely no justification for any of these homicides. Two of my children were occupying their time by watching television at home. They had not prepared themselves to pass away tonight.

Jones claims that an automatic weapon was used to shoot at her house, but she has no idea who would shoot at her children, Shanterriah and Darrell Wheelus.

Tonight at 4 o’clock, Channel 2 Action News will show what transpired when a frightened mother heard gunshots and found her children lying on the floor.

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