Norwegian Doctors Perform First Successful Appendix Transplantation

Lasted seven hours of surgery, then it was done: Norwegian surgeons have transplanted an appendix of one into another body at the weekend for the first time. The 42-year old receiver has even good chances to reach an advanced age after the successful operation.

The team around chief physician Mika Tropinnen is more than satisfied with his pioneering work. Never before had doctors transplanted a foreign bladder into a living body. Even the surgeon is now again in full awareness and with his new organ is unfortunate. So far his body seems to take on the foreign tissue.

Sander Lambertson had lost his own appendix eight years before, after an appendix of blindness. Since then, the 42-year-old trucker had been waiting desperately for a donor organ.

No wonder, however, are suitable appendices very rare. Not only must the blood group as well as the physical constitution of donor and recipient match. In addition, in contrast to the liver, kidney or heart, very few people are willing to make a donation after death.

Only a month ago, when Lambertson had almost given up his hope, a deceased found himself, who had expressly agreed in his organ donor’s proof of blindness.

Now the doctors hope that Lambertson’s body does not repel the donor organ. If this were the case, the appendix would have to be removed in another procedure and the nerve-racking waiting would start again.