Fitbit Working on New Wearable for Older Kids with Cellular and GPS

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A “premium” Wear OS smartwatch was something that Fitbit hinted at last year. On Friday, it offered a glimpse into what’s to come in the future. Additionally, articles have been written about “Project Eleven,” which is a Fitbit-branded initiative to develop a cell phone-enabled wearable for children.

According to an article that was published in today’s issue of Business Insider, Fitbit is in the process of developing a wearable “to help older kids learn how to use their phones and social media in a healthy way.”

What does the report mainly discuss?

Project Eleven, which is a reference to the show Stranger Things that is available on Netflix, has been tested both with and without a screen, and in order to provide an additional layer of protection for parents, it is “likely” going to have cellular and GPS connectivity.

The second piece of hardware that deserves special mention is an idea for a service that would provide customers with new bands on a monthly basis. One of the goals of Project 11 is to increase the number of people who are active.

The equivalent product in today’s market is the Fitbit Ace 3. It keeps track of your activities as well as your sleep, and its touchscreen is waterproof, so you can use it even when you’re swimming. There are a few different options available, one of which is a one-of-a-kind yellow band featuring the Minions.

In order to make this point crystal clear, the person in charge of this group formerly held a position at Google Photos. Anil Sabharwal, who holds the position of vice president of special projects at Fitbit, is in charge of the company’s operations in Australia.

According to sources who spoke to Business Insider, there is “a long way to go” and “plans could change” before the release of this project, which is scheduled for the year 2024.

Before abandoning their project, Meta also considered developing a wearable device equipped with cellular connectivity and a camera. Furthermore, we now know that Fitbit was working on a smartwatch “aimed at kids and older adults” prior to Google purchasing the company and taking it over.

It is unclear whether this device operated under Wear OS or Fitbit OS; however, if it was manufactured before Apple acquired Fitbit, it most likely operated under Fitbit OS. Before it was finally a failure, it “ran into a lot of technical and logistical problems.”