Four Residents of Wrigley Center Lofts Report Satisfaction with Living Conditions

According to Larry Jones, who was in charge of building the Wrigley Center Lofts, there have been at least four residents there.

Nineteen of the lofts’ 36 available units have already been reserved, and residents will begin moving in over the course of the next two months. Kelly Braner, a native of St. Clair, is credited as being the very first resident of the area.

She stated, “We’ve been homeowners for about 25 years, and our son is currently attending college. Next year, he hopes to move out of state.” Because it was about time, we came to the conclusion that things needed to be different. Additionally, we find that living in the city suits us better.

Braner and husband laud Joneses, Klein for assistance with new apartment

On Thursday, Braner and her husband made the move into the new apartment they have been renting. She lauded Larry Jones, Tracy Jones, and Jen Klein, the property manager, for their willingness to assist her whenever she had inquiries or concerns regarding the lofts.

Although Tracy Jones anticipated that the lofts would be completed by the end of the month, it appears that they are still in the process of being completed in a variety of stages.

Because this was the third house that Braner and her husband had built together, she said that she didn’t mind the constant noise of construction.

She stated that the individuals who worked there were “very nice” and that the noise wasn’t something that bothered them.

After five o’clock in the evening, the construction site, as far as Braner can tell, is completely silent because all of the workers have gone home.

Right now there are 24–28 lofts that have been finished. Even though the lofts are still accepting applications, there is already a waiting list of people who are interested in moving in.

Commercial space on the ground floor is almost finished being developed, and Braner expresses her excitement about this development.

Wrigley Hall to feature theater, cocktail lounge, and distillery

The future location of Wrigley Hall in the Wrigley Center will be on the northern side of the first level. Wrigley Hall’s proprietor, Dan Dooley, has expressed the desire that the renovations to the venue’s office area be completed by the summer.

Wrigley Hall will feature a theater, a cocktail lounge, and a distillery in addition to other dining options.

To quote what Dooley had to say about it, I’ll summarize it as follows: “We want there to be interesting things going on all the time in here.” That pretty much sums up the situation, man.

Port Huron’s population is on the rise – and it’s only getting better!

Dooley stated that it was deliberate that the business and residential sections were situated in close proximity to one another.

He believes that there will be an increase in the population of Port Huron due to the fact that there are now more things to do and new locations to reside near to the city core.

Dooley has been quoted as saying that the Wrigley Center presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the locals.

According to him, the epidemic demonstrated how essential it is to have flexible work options, such as working from home or participating in hybrid teams. The Wrigley Center is a wonderful destination for visitors of all ages, from young children to senior citizens.

Dooley stated that they want to become a landmark so that visitors can easily locate them and find their way here. “Increasing the number of individuals that walk through our downtown area has always been the primary focus of our efforts.”

Each and every one of the lofts at the Wrigley Center features two bedrooms in addition to a single bathroom.

The monthly cost might run anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200. Each property comes equipped with contemporary amenities such as fireplaces, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, LED lighting, and laundry closets.


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