Freyr Plans to Establish a Gigafactory in Coweta County

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The Bridgeport Industrial Park is located close to Newnan, and Freyr has already purchased 368 acres of land there. Batteries are fabricated at this location by the company.

Coweta is a county located in the state of Georgia. Coweta County, Georgia, has caught the attention of a Norwegian manufacturing company that specializes in batteries.

The company announced on Friday that it intends to construct a plant there, which has the potential to generate 720 new jobs and could result in an investment of $2.6 billion by the end of the decade.

Freyr to Locate Gigafactory in Atlanta Suburb

On Friday, the company Freyr announced that it will locate a “gigafactory” in one of the counties that are in close proximity to Atlanta. typically utilized when referring to locations that manufacture batteries.

The company has stated that there will be an “initial battery cell production module” as part of the facility that it intends to construct in Coweta County at a cost of $1.7 billion.

For the purpose of the project, the company has already acquired 368 acres of land in the Bridgeport Industrial Park, which is located near Newnan.

“FREYR to Carry Out Detailed Plant Engineering for Giga America Project”

The organization stated in a press release that “in the coming weeks and months, FREYR intends to carry out detailed plant engineering.” “The blueprints for the initial Gigafactory module will be completed during this period of time.”

Without providing any further context, Freyr stated that the state of Georgia and Coweta County are “providing strong financial incentives for the Giga America project.”

He also said that the business would apply to the US Department of Energy for more federal funds, grants, and loans.

“FREYR is speeding up its previously planned expansion in the United States due to strong tailwinds in the development of renewable energy in the United States, a growing focus on grid stability initiatives, and the recently announced tax incentives related to the Inflation Reduction Act,” the company said.

“FREYR brings fresh thoughts and opportunities to Coweta County”

Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, said in a statement that “job creators and innovators from all over the world” come to the state because they are confident that they will be successful there.

We are overjoyed to have FREYR here in Georgia because they are the latest company to offer life-altering opportunities and investments in the state’s communities, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

I believe that as a result of this, Coweta and the surrounding areas will experience positive changes.

Bob Blackburn, who serves as Chairman of the Coweta County Board of Commissioners, expressed the excitement that the county feels about Freyr’s announcement.

He made the following statement: “With the addition of FREYR, Coweta County is quickly becoming a premier destination for top-tier manufacturing industries that support the economy of the United States and beyond.”

We are excited about the fresh thoughts, opportunities, and achievements that FREYR will bring to the table.