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Gantt chart as the name indicates was developed by Henry Gantt in the decade of 1910. Gantt chart is basically the chart which reflects and depicts the schedule of a project.

This chart is all about the details and description of the dates at which the project was started and was finished. In addition to this, the chart also depicts the summary elements as well as the terminal elements of the project which is brought under consideration. This illustration, in Gantt chart, is further supported by the dates at which the project started and ended and all the important events which took place during that tenure of the project are also marked.

The two most important and pronounced features of Gantt chart are the summary elements and the terminal elements of the project.

Present Your Data in a Gantt Chart in Excel

Both these elements in Gantt chart are very important and their significance can be evaluated from the fact that these are based on the breakdown of the work structure of the project. There are some other charts formulated on the same pattern that there is a proper and sometimes an improper depiction of the dependency and relationships of the values and project tasks. 

Apart from that a Gantt chart very effectively explains the relationships between the activities and their dependency values. In addition to all this information, these charts also show the current status of schedules which are used by adding the shadings. These are updated with the passage of time in the form of percentages and shown in graphs in the form of shadings.

The most recent and current progress of the project in Gantt chart is shown by means of the straight line in the graph.

Professional Gantt Chart Template

Formulation of the Gantt chart is considered as the common technique of charting. This technique was first introduced as an evolutionary step towards the project management and development progress. Other than project management and report, Gantt chart is also used to effectively represent the collection of data and its assembling.

Apart from that it is also applied in the field of information technology. The most important application of Gantt chart is the representation of the work breakdown structure of the project. This is also abbreviated as WBS and it is helpful in describing the different phases and the kinds of activities taking place in these phases of the project.

However, there is one correction which is often required to be made that the Gantt chart design is often mixed with the project design. Documents.

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