Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for over 50% off at Walmart!

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What?! You have recently learned that Samsung is currently offering a discount on their Galaxy Buds Live headphones of more than fifty percent.

What led to this occurrence?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which have a regular price of $149, can now be purchased for only $69. This offer is available as part of Walmart’s Black Friday discounts.

You’ll have $80 less to worry about throughout the holiday season, as well as less stress. As long as supplies last, Walmart is offering them for sale at a price that has never been seen before in the store’s history.

Why should you consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

Before we get into the hardware, technical specs, and sound quality of the earbuds, let’s first have a look at how the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live appear. Yes, you read that correctly; those are the “bean” ones about which you may have heard and been a little anxious.

If you put a regular bean in your ear, it could either come out immediately or become lodged, causing you discomfort. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are convenient headphones that stay in your ears and are simple to use.

When compared to the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Buds+, our testing revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are “comfortable, secure, and almost imperceptible.”

This was our conclusion after testing all three models. You are free to disregard that recommendation, but if you’re sick of the way that ordinary headphones irritate your eardrums, you might want to look into purchasing some Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

These headphones rest totally outside of your ear and deliver high-quality sound.

Take a step back, and the first thing we’ll do is examine the hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, like all of the other top-rated earbuds now available on the market, come equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) and tap controls.

The six-hour battery life is sufficient for most uses, and the case adds an additional fifteen hours to that total, so you should be fine to go for the better part of the day.

It has a speaker that is 12 millimetres in size, which is larger than the speakers found on the previous Galaxy Buds. The speaker was adjusted by the audio professionals at AKG.

You can link your phone or smartwatch to your Galaxy Buds wireless headphones using the Galaxy Wearable (Android) app as well as the Galaxy Buds app (iOS).

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for the low price of $69 while supplies last. This is the lowest price that has ever been offered by a significant margin, as the standard price is $149.

Please have a look at our other Black Friday offers on headphones if you end up deciding that the beans aren’t the right choice for you after all. You have to find something that piques your curiosity in this place.