Get your Christmas lights up early with Christmas Decor!

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One company in Connecticut has been working very hard to put up decorations that can remain up until after Christmas without giving up the ghost. The majority of people put away their Halloween decorations once the holiday has passed, but this company in Connecticut has been working to put up decorations that can remain up until after Christmas.

According to Christmas Décor Sales Office Manager Kim Poulin, “We can just alter the ribbon on a wreath to make it look like fall décor or Christmas decor.” A nice analogy for this would be to put up a Christmas tree and leave it there for the entire year.

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Christmas Decor is a franchise business that has locations in Glastonbury and Hebron in the state of Connecticut.

They sell lights, wreaths, and garlands in a variety of colours, including white, green, and orange, that can be used for a variety of occasions and celebrations, including but not limited to Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali, and even Election Day.

These items come in a variety of shapes, including icicles, stars, and others. Around this time of year, people might begin hanging up holiday lights that aren’t going to be very obvious unless they’re really turned on.

According to Poulin, by the time winter arrives, the majority of the significant decorations will have already been hung.

When the seasons change, clients will just need to make a few minor adjustments, which can either be done by the company or by the homeowner.

“The majority of the time, the people who hire me are the same ones who are responsible for developing new policies.” When we do an entire street, we don’t work on ten houses at once.

The majority of the time, the house that we are working on is considered the benchmark for the other properties in the neighbourhood. Poulin stated that when one household turns on its lights, the surrounding households quickly follow suit.

According to Poulin, awful occurrences such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the attacks on September 11 have made people appreciate the holidays more than ever before.

Poulin asserted that a pandemic is necessary in order to initiate new behaviours or revive dormant routines.

Over the course of its existence, the company has been forced to “adapt to and overcome” a variety of challenges, including the effects of natural catastrophes like Superstorm Sandy and nor’easters, as well as the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It’s unfortunate that most people have already put Tropical Storm Sandy out of their minds.” When the power went out, I was in the middle of putting up Christmas lights, and I still had to visit 85 different homes.

I was taken aback when I suddenly realised something and replied, “You are aware of what?” Poulin stated that we will be moving around with mobile power plants.

Poulin claims that individuals are putting up larger Halloween decorations, such as enormous skeletons, as a result of the popularity of Halloween decorations both on social media and in retail establishments.

“The number of people celebrating Halloween has skyrocketed in recent years. Never before have I been at a location where there were so many life-size dragons and Ghostbusters props as I was today.

Poulin was the one who spoke those words. She has noticed an increase in the number of requests for Diwali decorations, which is an Indian event that celebrates the triumph of “light over darkness.”

Christmas Decor recently assisted with the installation of blue decorations as a memorial to two Bristol police officers who passed away the previous month.

Poulin mentioned that she had assisted her mother-in-law in erecting a blue Pom-Pom tree as a gesture of condolence after the passing of Poulin’s father.

Customers have the option of having Christmas Decor do all of the installation work for them. Poulin claims that the majority of the company’s work is done in the central region of Connecticut, but that it is able to travel to other regions of the state if necessary.

These other regions include western and northern Connecticut, as well as Lyme and Higganum, and it all depends on the season and the financial constraints of the company’s clients.

Poulin stated that the company’s objective is to assist the greatest number of clients possible, which is why they begin the process of preparing customers’ homes as soon as they possibly can.

According to what she has learned, the phrase “more work than they can handle” indicates that they are typically completely booked by the end of October.

During the course of the previous year, the company provided its services to around 175 homes and companies in Connecticut. This includes those who were searching for advertising possibilities as well as others who were hosting Christmas parties.