Gray and South Callaway Win Tuesday Night Game Against Connaway and VanFar

Tayber Gray, the starting quarterback for South Callaway, and Connaway, the starting quarterback for Van-Nikos Far, were both significant contributors to their respective basketball teams this season.

On Tuesday night in Mokane, Gray and South Callaway prevailed against Connaway and Van-Far by a score of 69-53, exactly as they did in the corresponding football contest.

Gray had a significant role in South Callaway’s victory. He led the club in scoring with 17, was responsible for 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals while also passing the ball 3 times.

When Gray was on the field for the Bulldogs, they cruised to a 16-point victory over the Indians. This was the second-highest plus/minus total for South Callaway during the whole season.

Taylor’s final year: Most successful academic year yet

The fact that Taylor had participated in the most varsity games of anyone on this team was made very evident earlier in the match, as stated by South Callaway’s head coach Seth Thomas. “In addition to that, he is an outstanding player.

When he is around, things have a way of improving and settling down, and he makes the lives of everyone else simpler in general. It appears that his final year of high school will be the most successful academic year he has ever had. In my opinion, he has a bright future ahead of him in this part of the world.”

Connaway of Van-Far did the most of the job by himself, despite the fact that Gray had a staff of assistants to assist him. Connaway led his club in scoring with 23 points, 14 more than the next highest scorer on their roster. Additionally, he pulled down four rebounds, which was the most of anyone in the game.

Thomas stated, “He’s a fantastic player.” “He was also raised by a coach in the same manner as Tayber. We thought we did a really good job, but they have other good players who make us look even better than we actually are.

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With the help of the scouting report, we were able to exclude the other players from the competition. To tell you the truth, Nikos, it is challenging, but skilled players will prevail.”

Gray made a successful interception of the ball and scored a goal in transition to extend South Callaway’s lead to 28-17 at that point in the second quarter. They never once bothered to turn around.

According to Thomas, “We talk about moving the ball in transition and passing the ball a lot.” “Tonight, we did a fantastic job of it by working together diligently to make the adjustment.

At first, I had the impression that it was our beat. That was probably the reason why both of us got out of bed. The initial few minutes of the first half were marred by a high number of fouls, which threw off the rhythm of the game.

However, the Indians were able to narrow the gap somewhat. After Gray extended the Bulldogs’ advantage to double digits, Van-Far completed the first half well for his team by making three three-point shots, two free throws, and a layup. Gray extended the Bulldogs’ lead to double digits.

According to Thomas, when playing against a talented squad, both teams should anticipate the possibility of scoring runs. They were able to swiftly get back into the game by running the ball well.

Before the halftime break, the Indians cut the deficit to five points by making two consecutive three-point shots, which contributed to their scoring six points.

Connaway and Gibson Hit Three-Pointers to Keep VanFar in the Game

Connaway, who plays for Van-Far, is the one who made the first 3-pointer. From the top right corner of the 3-point line, he took a long shot. After that, Gage Gibson, who was second on the Indians in scoring and had nine points, made a three-point shot from the top right corner of the three-point arc.

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Those two plays gave Van-Far reason to have hope, despite the fact that they entered the half trailing 35-30.

Evan Sconce-Martin, a guard for the Bulldogs, retrieved an offensive rebound and made a layup while he was moving after the first few minutes of the third quarter passed without a score being recorded. At the conclusion of the action, South Callaway held a lead of 42–36 points.

Thomas stated that the occurrence “swung the balance” in our favor.”

Then, players from all around the squad started making significant contributions, and the team as a whole started putting together a string of defensive saves and offensive goals.

Because of this, it appeared as though we would not be able to win the game; nevertheless, towards the end of it, we passed the ball to several astute basketball players, and they made the appropriate choices.

Sconce-fantastic After Martin’s basket, the Bulldogs outscored the Indians 8-2 till the end of the third quarter. Martin’s basket was the starting point for this run.

At the very end of the third quarter, South Callaway’s Colten Crocker made a three-point shot from the top right corner of the court, which resulted in the points that won the game. Crocker put an end to Van-final Far’s drive in the third quarter, which allowed the Bulldogs to maintain their 10-point lead.

The Indians committed a lot of fouls against the Bulldogs in the fourth quarter, which allowed South Callaway to maintain a lead of more than ten points by making their own free throws.

Students at South Callaway High School showed their confidence in the Bulldogs’ ability to win their first game of the season by chanting “start the bus” as the clock ran out of time.

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Thomas stated, “I was under the impression that there was a large audience.” “The enthusiasm of the pupils is contagious, and I am certain that the instructors and students that attend that school appreciate it very much.

I really hope that this trend will continue throughout the rest of the year. When possible, it’s always preferable to win at one’s own venue. The benefit of playing on one’s home court and putting up a defensive front are both significant for reasons that are easy to understand.

And naturally, the district competitions are drawing near, and at this point in the year, everybody wants to be in a position where they can have an effect on the regionals. When the home team gets off to a winning start, it’s a terrific feeling.”

The Bulldogs Are Ready to Take on the ShowMe Conference

The next game that the Bulldogs play will not only be the first game of the season, but it will also be the first game that the Bulldogs play in the Show-Me Conference. On Friday at 7:30 p.m. in Mokane, South Callaway (2-0, 0-0) will compete against Fatima (3-1, 1-0), which is currently rated eighth in Class 4 in Missouri.

According to Thomas, “They are a good squad.” “Ryan Robertson, the coach, has a significant amount of experience in the field. In his role as a coach, he is very effective.

The player Nate Brandt is doing a fantastic job for him over there. Today we will celebrate, but on Wednesday and Thursday we will be back to work.

During this time, we will be keeping Fatima in our thoughts and crossing our fingers for the best possible outcome. We are well aware that dealing with Fatima will be challenging.”


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