Guide to Shopping Quality Party Dresses

The fun of a party begins with the shopping of the party dresses. Every lady will want to shop the best party dress in order to look and feel like a princess. Stylishness and color are important things to consider in a party dress. You need to go for bright and brilliant colors in order to add values to your personality. The color you choose maters greatly and of course there are lots of things to consider when purchasing part dresses. Some of the factors you might need to put into consideration include:

  • The type of party
  • The lady’s body shape
  • The personal style of the lady 

2018 Party Dresses Trends

Your Body Shape and Figure

You should aim at party dresses that flatter your body figure and shapes. Different dress types flatter different figures and shapes. Women have various shapes and figure and hence it is important to go for a party dress that matches your exact shape. You also need to consider the dress that illustrates the most wonderful parts of your body. Below are some common ladies’ shapes and figures and the appropriate party dress that would flatter them.

  • Hourglass

Ladies with curvy tops and bottoms are said to be hourglass shaped. They need party dresses that draw attention to the lower body and waist rather than straight line dresses.

  • Apple

This is body type includes women who are larger at the top and have broad busts and shoulders. V-neckline party dresses are the best for such figures and shapes.

  • Petite

Short ladies require party dresses that will make them appear taller. Short dresses fall under this category as it will make their legs to appear longer.

  • Busty

The best types of party dress for busty women are those that will take the attention away from their bustline and make their body look more streamlined. Dresses with printed patterns at the top tend to draw attention to the bustline and as such busty women should avoid such dresses.

  • Pear

This involves women with wider hips and thighs but smaller shoulders. The best type of party dresses for such women are those that flow.

The occasion

Another important thing to consider when choosing a party dress is the occasion. A party dress that may be good for one occasion may not really be ideal for another occasion. You should aim at something casual for weddings taking place in day time but go for more formal party dresses in evening weddings. Semi formal dresses work perfectly for cocktails and dinner parties. For such occasions, you should go for brighter colors. Company parties should go with formal attires. Such events involve professional tone and hence you should not opt in for dresses that are too sexy.


The color of party dresses you choose greatly matters. When considering color with respect to party dresses, you should take into consideration your complexion. You also need to consider the kind of event you are dressing for and even the season. Bold colors are not usually the best for weddings but they are amazing for spring parties. The best colors for darker women are white and bright colors and those with light complexions should go for pastel dresses. Matching the best color party dress with the right accessory will truly make you to look and feel your best.

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