H2O Plus Closes All Storesfronts, Shifts to Online Retail

The skin care brand known as H2O Plus, which began operations in the Chicago metropolitan region in 1989 and then relocated to the Near West Side, has announced that it will no longer be produced going forward.

This company, based in San Francisco, announced on its website and throughout its social media platforms that it “took the extremely difficult choice to retire the brand at the end of the year.” The only item that was provided was a link to a page on Amazon where customers could purchase whatever was still available after everything else had been sold.

It used to have hundreds of locations all around the world, but now the company has shut down all of those storefronts and relies on other retailers to perform its marketing and production instead.

Disney World Toiletries Officially Sponsored by H2O Plus

A lot of people became interested in the Walt Disney Company’s offerings as a result of the Disney theme parks and cruise ships that it operates. The toiletries that were provided in Disney’s resort hotel rooms were “officially sponsored” by the company H2O Plus.

People’s reactions to the news on social media ranged from angry to confused. “Nooo!!! My skin is fairly fragile and prone to eczema.

One consumer commented, “I discovered this product while on a Disney vacation and immediately fell in love with it.” People who constantly question themselves with “What am I going to do?”

Another customer commented that the Sea Salt scent of an H2O Plus product reminded them of their time at Disney World. We feel awful for you. According to a website that reports news on Disney holidays, this event marks “the end of an era.”

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Cindy Melk’s company H2O Plus a success despite shaky start

The primary number of the company did not pick up any of the calls that were made.

Cindy Melk launched the company H2O Plus with the financial support of her father. Before they went out of business, he made a lot of money by investing in Waste Management and Blockbuster Video.

This led to his having a lot of money. Later on, he was successful in making bets on the real estate market in Florida and buying up properties all throughout the state, including Fisher Island in Miami.

In the 1990s, when Oprah Winfrey’s production business was the sole big investor in the Near West Side, Cindy Melk established the company’s offices at 845 W. Madison St. in the neighbourhood known as the Near West Side.

H2O Pluss Headquartered in Chicago Relocates to San Francisco, Outsources Manufacturing

In 2008, a private equity firm purchased the company from the Melks family who had owned it since its inception. In 2011, it was acquired by the Japanese business Pola Orbis Holdings, marking its third change of ownership since 2001.

There was no means to communicate with the Melks in order to learn their perspective on the matter.

The original location of H2O Plus’s headquarters was in Chicago; however, in 2015, the firm announced that it would relocate to San Francisco and outsource its manufacturing in order to better service the expanding Asian market.  At the time, it was reported that fifty Chicago workers would be quitting their jobs.

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A real estate developer by the name of John Buck purchased the former location of H2O Plus and converted it into a neighbourhood where people can live.


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