Herkimer County Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers

One of the poll workers made the following assessment about the ages of the voters:

A “steady” flow of voters is being reported at the New York Mills Municipal Building by an employee named Sandy White.

She reported that ever since we opened, business has been consistently good.

What is White’s opinion on young people voting?

White has been employed at the polling station for the past three years. The doors at New York Mills opened at 6 a.m. and will remain open until 9 p.m. She has seen more young people vote this election season than in any other election year she has worked. So far, everyone who has come to vote has been nice.

White mentioned that there has been a recent influx of younger people into the group and that these newer members are actually of higher quality than the more seasoned members.

Ms. White has expressed her opinion to those individuals who have not yet cast their vote today.

She instructed us to “get down on your butt and vote.” Votes are more important than they have ever been, and it is our responsibility to get in the fetal position.

If you live in Oneida County and are having trouble voting, the Election Commission has broken down the process for you.

On Election Day, there were a few technical issues with the rollout of electronic poll books; however, the Oneida County Board of Elections attempted to reassure voters that they did not need to be concerned by saying that they did not need to worry about anything.

Both the Republican Commissioner Sarah Bormann and the Democratic Commissioner Nichole Shortell reported on Tuesday morning that some of the electronic poll books, which are also referred to as “poll pads,” had printing mistakes.

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People in Oneida County have been able to use these machines to vote early beginning in 2019, but Tuesday was the first time they were used in a regular election. A voter’s ballot is made based on the information in the poll books about who they are.

According to Bormann and Shortell, emergency ballots were made available even though there were printing mistakes at some polling places, such as in the town of Annsville.

Bormann guaranteed that there would be a backup strategy, saying, “We always have a plan B.” In the end, this is the reason why we used paper ballots.

They reported that all of the machines were operational once again.

How many residents of Oneida County, where you currently reside, have cast their ballots as of this point?

The Oneida County Board of Elections reported that 15,661 people had cast their ballots within the county as of ten in the morning on Tuesday.

In the general election, an additional 8,682 residents of Oneida County cast their ballots early, bringing the grand total of votes cast in that county to almost 25,000.

A Democratic Commissioner named Nichole Shortell was quoted as saying, “I feel as though the midterm elections are always kind of interesting.”

At this early hour of the day, there are already a lot of people voting.

Election workers reported that people began arriving in steady streams as soon as the polls opened on Tuesday morning.

When a patron at the Frank J. Basloe Library in Herkimer asked the staff how they felt about the voting process, Judith Schad responded, “We think it’s great!

“We like to see people vote because it keeps us from being bored.”

On Tuesday, which was Election Day, Tristan Blanks, who is 23 years old and lives in Utica, went to City Hall to cast his vote. He claims that the last time he voted was in 2020, but he has heard a lot about the election this year.

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He remarked that “people are just mad” as a consequence of factors such as rising prices.

Is it possible for us to find out how many people have already voted early?

This year, there were more than twice as many people who voted early in Oneida County as there were in 2012. According to the Oneida County Board of Elections, the number of people who voted early in Oneida County increased from 3,279 to 8,682 in the nine days ending on Sunday. In 2012, there were only 3,279 early voters in Oneida County.

According to the Madison County Board of Elections, there were 2,169 people who voted early for the general election, which is a significant increase from 2014, when there were only 618 early voters in Madison County.

“Last year was a local year,” Maggie Conley, the Democratic Deputy Commissioner in Madison County, stated. “This year was the last time we had federal and state elections.” The next time we have elections will be in 2020.

Madison County had a population of 6,357 people in the year 2020, while Oneida County had a population of 16,944 people.

This year, the Herkimer County Board of Elections reports that 1,209 people cast their ballots early for the general election, which is a significant increase from the 70 people who cast their ballots early for the primary election back in June.

“So, it’s a big change,” said Robert Hoyt, a Democratic County Commissioner in Herkimer County, who added, “The number of people voting is definitely more than expected.”

Who is eligible to vote, and why is that?

Sample ballots are available on the websites of the Boards of Elections in Oneida County, Herkimer County, and Madison County for people who want to vote.

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The following are some of the elections whose results will be announced:

  • locations of polling stations in Oneida County

In Utica, you can vote at many places, such as the Parkway Recreation Center, Utica City Hall, Mohawk Valley Community College, and Donovan Middle School. The Oneida County Board of Elections keeps a website with a full list of these places.

On the website of the New York State Board of Elections, you can also find information on how to sign up to vote and where you can go to vote. Voting will take place on Tuesday, November 6, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and you can vote at any polling place.

  • Herkimer County locations of polling places

On Election Day, all polling places will be open from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., regardless of where they are located. On the website of the New York State Board of Elections, you can find your polling place and check to see if you are registered to vote.

  • Where Voters Congregate to Cast Their Ballots in Madison’s Counties

You can sign up to vote and find your polling place on the website of the New York State Board of Elections. The Madison County Board of Elections has also created an online spreadsheet with polling places.

Some examples include the Hamilton Public Library (13 Broad St.), the Madison Fire Hall (7362 SR 20), and the Kallet Civic Center (159 Main St.) in Oneida. On Election Day, all polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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