How to Talk to a Girl for the First Time

Talking to a girl is perhaps one of the hardest hurdles a guy has to overcome, especially at the beginning. If you have ever been in a situation when you did not know what topic to talk about with the girl, you already know that you should pay thoughts into this prior to starting such conversation.

As a guy, you must always remember that you are the one who should start and lead the conversation. This can be a difficulty and can present pressure over men, but eventually it is a good thing. Why? Because this is your chance to lead the conversation in the way you want it to be flowing.

How to Talk to a Girl

Having these doubts is quite common among guys. If you are wondering how to talk to a girl, follow these guidelines:

Catch her eye

There is no need of doing anything dramatic in order to achieve it – a single smile at her will do. You could also try by using eye-contact. Sometimes a simple ‘hey’ is enough to start a conversation, but it is always more interesting if you both are more curious about each other and flirt as strangers.

Introduce yourself

As you approach a girl after catching her eye and making sure she noticed you, try to remain with a confident body language. This includes keeping your head up high and maintaining good posture. Also, do not hesitate in saying hello. This may make her feel like being ignored or as you are hesitating about approaching her.

When introducing yourself to a girl, your only task is to say ‘Hello, I am…’. This should not be at all difficult. When she responds with her name, shake her hand lightly, without any awkwardness. Using the girl’s name more often in conversation is known to give the feeling that you are really interested in what she has to say.

Loosen up

Being tense when starting a conversation with a girl can really ruin the whole situation. When talking to a girl, try to be yourself. If you are a funny person, tell her a joke and make her laugh. If you are a more serious type, try to speak about some interesting topics. This will also give her the chance to see what kind of guy you really are.

Smile a lot

Smiling always help lighten the mood. When speaking to a girl, smiling means that you are enjoying her company and the conversation you are having. Try not to fake your smile, because girls can notice this. You don’t really have to smile all the time, but try to catch those key moments.

Do not get too personal

If you are having problems with deciding on a topic with a girl, do not reach for personal stuff to talk about. If you like her, you will eventually get to know each other on a deeper level, but leave the personal stuff for later. Many guys make the mistake of speaking of things that are too personal for their current relationship with a girl and this results with pushing her away. Instead, you should always pick some light topics such as pets, hobbies or music.

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