How to Write a Resume

The two basic styles of resumes are chronological and functional. Some resumes use features of both and are called combination resumes. Your resume should reflect your goals and unique background, so create a document which works for you, not one that conforms to a particular format.

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  • The resume template and samples are helpful when creating outstanding curriculum vitae. It is not a partially blank document that one fills; it is supposed to give the basics. The resume should also be distinct and reflective of the needs of the applicants.
  • There are arrays of samples and templates that will help you to craft a meaningful resume. Find below the common resume formats and structure layouts that can be of great assistance when penning a resume. Remember the applicant must select the format that reflects their needs.

Learn How to Write a Resume

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A chronology structured resume

  • Emphatic on career path of the applicant, the positions held and the duration.
  • It ought to be simple for employers to scan and examine.
  • It is adopted by job seekers with a consistent experience and knowledge in a certain field.


  • It organizes the job experience and the skills with more precision as it reveals the field and functions.
  • It negates the impression on lack of experience for the job.
  • It is ideal document for fresh graduates, those making a come back in employment and those shifting their careers.


  • It gathers the education and knowledge, expertise and ingenuity as portrayed in the functional curriculum vitae “but it is shorter and concise display of the chronological job history”.
  • It easily engulfs ancillary experience such volunteering or where you may have gone for internship.
  • It is most apposite for job seekers who have diverse experience and those shifting from the incumbent career paths.


  • It is a clear-text version of a conventional resume.
  • It is normally allows computer software to scan for precise information or keywords.

The resume samples and templates are important job application tools that can help you to create a positive impression on the employer. They enable the job seeker to display basic knowledge and communication skills. The employer may peruse the resumes in order to shortlist and remove those with weak curriculum vitae.

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