Human Resource Management’s Concept and Details

Human resource management is an important subject and is now given very importance in every field and industry. Each and every company in all fields are now appointing a human resource manager, shortly known as HR to help them in properly utilizing their staff abilities. The human resource management will help to build up the employee relationships within a company or industry. Special branch is allocated to human resource development which is managed by a human resource manager. In this article, you will see a brief description on the human resource management in contemporary organization. People think that human resource management is a simple subject, but there is much more to what a human resource management can do. A human resource management is a vast subject which is complex in nature. It is an important subject and can be termed as an arts and science subject.

Human resource management involves proper management of people and their energy so that both employees and the company will be benefitted. A HRM is used to create innovative and new approaches. It is a theoretical subject which has to be applied rigorously. There are two definitions for human resource management. They are the following:

  • Definition 1: the first definition of human resource management is that it is a process that will manage people in a company in a defined and structured way. The HR is supposed to do the following tasks: staffing- hiring people, retention of employees, managing pays and perks and setting them, performance management, managing the changes and many more. This definition is a traditional one and is a modern version of personnel management.
  • Definition 2: another definition for human resource management states that managing the people or employees in an organization can be done in a macro perspective which means that managing employees will be in the form of a relationship between management and employees. In this definition or approach, we can focus on the objectives and outputs of a function that is people’s notions and employee relationships.

Human Resources Certification & Degree

Human resource management is centered on the resources. The human resource management will help a company to employ and deploy employees easily and to plan, monitor and control them effectively. In simple words, human resource management is all about the employees in an organization. MNC’s and other high organizations will call HR’s as people managers and people enablers. The HR manager will deal with management of employees expectations, ensures employees fulfillments and more.

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